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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. The weights and towing rating are a bit of a mine field for the uninitiated!! We bought the Amarok when our intended purchase was the baby of the Kedron offering, Compact 16 footer. Our trip to see them in the flesh at the Brisbane Van show had us rethink our requirements. The Amarok is a work vehicle, so if it won’t do the job will upgrade it. Many have already reminded me of the Toyota Dealer network. Which makes a lot of sense. And finally Steve & Kez, too late, we have it and the brake controller fitted!! My “dealer” is a family friend. They won’t warrant anything that is non genuine VW. But the brake controller is not connected to the ABS or similar systems so cannot void that part of the warranty. Cheers David & Liz
  2. Hi to all the KOG, First post from "David and Liz". We placed our order at the Brisbane Van Show last year. 12 month waiting list says these vans are popular. XC-5 18.6' Looking forward to getting a few trips in before retirement (sooner rather than later!) and then some bigger trips. Tow vehicle for now VW Amarok V6. When we watch Glen post the finished products on pick up day, there are a lot of 200 Series LC hooked up to these vans! We are at the picking finishes and options stage now so will have a good look at previous posts before asking "that" question! Cheers David & Liz
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