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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. Will be signing up with SOS this arvo. Geoff
  2. Doing the final preparations for our big lap and would like your recommendations for a mail forwarding company. My research has come up with SOS Mail, Aussie Mailman, Past The Post & PostMail Redirect and at this point I’m leaning toward SOS Mail. Any comments or other suggestions would be most welcome. Geoff
  3. Have had the same Tekonsha Prodigy in 3 different vehicles over a 10 year span and couldn't be happier. Geoff
  4. Hi Kev We have an Xantrex TrueCharge 2 charger in our van that I've been very happy with, although ours is the 40 Amp model. It also comes in a 60 amp model and has the features you were looking for, ie. 3 stage charging and battery equalization and works on a wide range of input voltages as well as being able to be programed for different battery types. Have a look here http://www.xantrex.com/power-products/battery-chargers/truecharge-2-2.aspx Hope this helps, Geoff
  5. Hi Ian, I’m always a little apprehensive when I read about the power requirements/usage in our vans because of the many varied setups and requirements, so before I attempt to address your questions let me give you a rundown of our setup and requirements. 2013, 18’ (16’6 internal) XC3. 135w Kyocera panels (x2). 120ah AGM batteries (x2). 215L Waeco. Fantastic Hatch fans (x2). We also have another 120ah AGM and 40L Engel in the tug that’s hooked to the van. Our daily power usage typically consists of the TV for an hour or so (if we can get a signal), lights over the bench, dinette and stove top during meal preparation/dining and exterior light under the awning for a couple of hours each evening. (It goes without saying that the fridge/s are always on) We are aware of what we use, but don’t become anal about it, although I do admit to keeping an eye on the battery monitor. On a typical bright sunny day our batteries are back to 100% and in “float” mode by around 12:00 – 1:00 PM. Now with that said, the occasions when we’ve had to drag out the genie has been in the winter months with rain and heavy cloud for more than 3 days. Also bear in mind that “that beautiful shady spot under the trees down by the river bank” won’t cut it. You have to be mindful that where you park up has a lot to do with how efficiently your setup is going to work. Fantastic Hatch ….. we think that even on low they are a bit noisy, but find that if we open them both and just have the rear turned on to “out”, it draws a nice cool breeze down over the bed at night and we don’t notice the noise. ( This will depend on your layout) While on the Fantastic Hatch ….. we were advised by some friends of ours to get the ones with the auto rain sensors. We did and think they are the best thing since sliced bread. Hope this helps and enjoy your new Kedron. Geoff PS: Went down the fridge and lithium routes before ordering and am very happy with the outcome.
  6. As Barry said, you can get them from Aqua Fresh in Mitchelton, Qld. (Suburb of Brisbane) The part no. is SLC-230-1C-A and they're $85.00 thru the website or $98.00 if you order over the phone. Either way it's free shipping. The website is Aqua Fresh
  7. Chris, if you downloaded it as a PDF just save it to someplace you'll remember on your HD and then you can view it at your leisure. Geoff
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