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Diesel Troopie LPG Conversion

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Hi All

Hope everyone had a great festive season.

We have a 2002 diesel, factory turbo RV Troopie 78 series. Its travelled 180,000 km.

We are considering modifying to LPG and diesel and are after opinions from those who may have already converted to LPG plus diesel.


Reg and Fran


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Hi Reg

I had a 80 series cruiser a few years ago. it had a 1HZ engine with a non factory turbo, intercooler and diesel gas conversion, it was money well spent the power increase was excellent. the motor couldn't cool itself as it wasn't designed for so much fuel. I replaced the motor with a 1HDT factory turbo and added gas and it was incredible,power,torque. the only down side was losing a fuel tank to fit a gas tank but I had a 250lt tank fitted in place of main tank.the other down side was finding a petrol station with diesel and gas pumps next to each other.you will not be disappointed with the conversion.

Cheers Phil

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Hi Reg, I've got a 2006 cruiser and had the gas installed about 6 months ago and it was worth every cent also had a 3inch mandrel bend exhaust system installed. I've only had 1 decent trip towing the van and the difference in power going up hills compared to just deisel is very noticable. The big thing I've noticed is the fuel economy driving around town. At the moment I'm averaging between 150-200Klms extra per main tank which takes it up to around 800klms for town driving. That doesn't include the reserve tank. Gas burns about 96% of your diesel compared to the normal 75-80% and is much better for your engine, this is what several installer mentioned to me. The gas tank was installed under the drivers side passenger seat with the exhaust purpose built around it so I still have both tanks.

Hope this helps you decide

King. :thumbsup:

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