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Wandering Slaters

Chicken Schnitzel caravan style

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For those who have a webber BBQ try this one.  You will need the trivet for the second part.


You will need

     Chicken Breast - Halve length wise

     Bottle Leggo's Napoletana (will make enough for 6)

     Cheese slices

     Alfoil tray and silicone baking paper


Cook chicken breasts (lid down) until they are just done.  Place on plate to rest and drain any juice.

Place chicken halves in alfoil tray that has silicone baking paper on bottom to help stop sticking.  On top of chicken spoon enough napoletana to cover and place cheese slices or grated cheese on top and put back into Webber on top of trivet.  Keep temperature to approx. 180 degrees for approx. 10 minutes or until the cheese melts.  If it requires much longer than this turn off gas and let the retained heat melt the cheese or the chicken will over cook.




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