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  1. We are currently at Old Macs farm near Launceston. A lovely spot for $10 a night.We move into our next house sit in Acacia Hills on Sat.for a month ,so will be off the road for idiot season.:)

    Looking forward to catching up with more people when you come down to Tassie.We have caught up with Eric and Lesley also Glen and Deb.

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  2. Thanks Andrew. I have pulled the fuse a few times because it is over charging the batteries. Because we are getting so much sun up here I have to keep a close eye on it .It gets up to 15.8 volts,so I pull the fuse until it drops back ,usually at night. Just waiting for people in Townsville to go back to work and I can hopefully get it fixed.

  3. Our nearly 9 yr.old Plasmatronic solar controller has decided to give up the ghost. Great timing ,because everybody is closed for Xmas. Everything seems to be working normally .batteries charging etc. but the panel on the controller keeps flicking through and comes up with menu items I have never seen before. At the moment I am pulling the fuse on it every couple of hours to stop it from overcharging and killing the batteries. Any suggestions? We are in Balgal Beach (50ks north of Townsville) doing  a house sit until Jan.20th. I have had to disconnect the internal monitor to stop it from beeping and cycling.

  4. G`Day Leon

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news mate ,but that sounds like the noise ours made a couple of yrs. ago before it died.It Might be the electronic control board. We had to put another Vitrifigo in as that was the only one that fit in the current space. We purchased our new one from Caravans plus in Canberra.(Delivered to Port Augusta) at a good price.The new fridge seems to be a bit better build quality. I guess time will tell.


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  5. Hi all

    We ordered our ATV in early 2007 for delivery in March 2008.  During that waiting period we changed our minds about 10 times on various features, but were given no grief at all by Kedron.  Build and delivery went smoothly, and after our 'shake-down' the majority of the niggly little issues were fixed with no problems at all.  Under warranty of course.

    Since that time, yes we have had the occasional problem - Vitri fridge died a couple of times (until we replaced it), some of the cabinetry took exception to being taken on corrugated roads, and I really don't want to talk about the Thetford toilet!  We have had nothing but good service and good cheer for all these items and more (general services, replacing the battery charger, replacing the batteries, adding new invertors, solar panels, new tyres etc, etc).  We live in our van and we are very happy with both the construction and design.

    I know that some Kedron owners have had problems both minor and major with their vans, and have also had clashes with Kedron staff which resulted in souring relations with the company.

    When a person spends what to us was a very large amount of money on a caravan, they want to know that the company behind that van can be relied upon and that the van is built to specifications.

    I would suggest Danno that nothing and nobody is perfect, but throughout our 9 years (we had a little Keddie before picking up our current van), and talking to many, many Kedron owners, the larger percentage have professed to be happy with the choice of a Kedron van. 



  6. G`Day Grant & Carol

    As Merv said ,the McHitch auto coupler is the way to go. Ours is the 6 tonne hitch as that is all they had, other than the 3.5 at the time of changeover from the old Hyland hitch.They are definitely a "marriage saver." I give the hitch post and hole a clean out now and again and a little bit of silicone spray.

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  7. G`Day Peter and Janelle

    Are you using the  food grade hoses? The normal garden hose will give you your current problem (plastic water :)) The correct hose (blue or white) can be found in most caravan,camping and the odd hardware stores. They are are little more expensive but certainly worth it.

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  8. G`Day Graham

    UEC Vast boxes were the original and only brand available for the first few yrs. of FTA TV. because of some cosy little deal with the Gov. And the product they put out was pretty ordinary IMHO. There is now a few different brands around and available in 12 volt systems. We have had a Sat King box for 2yrs. now and have had no problems with it.We have dealt with Satplus in Qld.and they are always very helpful. 



  9. G`day Steve & Sandy We replaced our mesh with Midgie mesh a couple of yrs. ago. The mesh is available at Bunnings if you are in Qld. We tried to get it in S.A. and they didn`t know what I was talking about. Fun ,fiddly job but well worth the effort.



  10. We had the 240/12 volt switch on our 2008 ATV.The purpose of the switch was to change your van lights to run off 240 volts when connected to 240v. EG caravan parks etc. When you are running lights of your solar system you switch it back to 12 volts. Ours died about 5yrs. ago Kedron disconnected the system ( somehow) and it is now redundant. As regards to the remark about Kedron not supplying a wiring diagram with the vans. Does anyone know if ANY manufacturer does?

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