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  1. G`Day Ian & Robyn

    We had BBQ hatch installed without BBQ ,outside bayonet fitted at front.We purchased a Webber Baby Q

    which we (read me Rick) use nearly every Night. We use it for Roasting ,grilling, baking cakes etc. It`s a Bloody Ripper. We highly recommend it.The Barby fits nicely in the hatch.

    Regards Rick & Lea. :biggrin:

  2. Deb& Geoff,

    We are heading up to Cooktown next week,and expect to have a look at Lakefield whilst in the area.

    What was the van camping options up there,ie which camp ground (sans croc.) did you stay in.

    Any info on that area would be appreciated.We expect to spend around 2/3 weeks up there.

    regards :helpsmilie:

  3. Chris

    We had a Dometic fitted to the ATV from new,apart a small glitch at the start (refused to work one cold morning) it has been great.It has certainly earned it`s keep in the last couple of weeks around the back blocks of Western Qld.We make sure we top up the tank about every eight hours of use.Would Certainly recommend the Dometic from personal use.Hope that helps.We are currently in Blackall and slowly making our way North. have`nt spotted any Kedrons for awhile ,where is everybody??.

    Rick & Lea


  4. Hi Everyone

    I absolutely endorse everything said in previous messages. Kenilworth was a fantastic weekend, and it was great to meet new members and renew previous friends.

    Bob and Di did a wonderful job of organisation.

    We're in brisbane for the next couple of weeks, and then we toss the coin - North or West??? (Prevailing money is on North!).

    Drive safely

  5. Hi David & Jane

    Your setup sounds like a really good way to go. What model Netcomm did you go for? We've only got the single laptop, but like you, would like to be able to use it outside as well as inside. I've got the Telstra NextG USB mobile wireless modem, which although it works very well, is also a pain in the rear when connected to the aerial because of the cabling. Do you find anything else interferes with the radio signal?


    Lea & Rick

  6. Hi All

    A big vote of thanks to Mark & Bern for organising the event at Noosa North Shore. The weather was irrelevant, we had a good time regardless. It's just one more story to tell.

    See you all next time

    Rick & Lea

  7. We've been using BioMagic for the last six months - firstly in a Porta Potti, and then in the loo cassette. The only time we've had any smell at all is when it's very hot. I wouldn't go back to the Thetford chemicals, because of the ability to dump now in septics, toilets etc. It makes an unpleasant job a little bit more acceptable.


  8. Hiya All

    Does anyone else have any problems with bugs finding their way inside through the air vents on the Dometic windows at night? We've watched them crawl down the outside and then appear through the inner vents. I've read through the postings from last year, and they appear to be mostly about problems when you open the windows. We're getting everything from midges through crickets to some reasonably sized moths. If we were lizards, we'd be having a ball!!

    At the moment, we're spraying the outside with surface spray every night, and that just thins them out!


  9. Wow that's ambitious. We came from Finke through to Alice Springs 10 years ago with the Troopy, not towing anything, and it's certainly a challenge. At that time, and I don't know if it has changed, we had two options. The first was to drive directly along the old tracks. There were a lot of wooden sleepers still on the track, along with the requisite nails and bits of metal. Very hard on the tyres, and the bounces were truly impressive. We had to take it very slowly. When we got tired of bouncing along the rails, we took the sand track which runs alongside. The track is like a series of small, hard sand hills with the crests maybe 10-20 metres apart, with the appropriate dips. It was like frozen sand waves. I felt at one stage as if we were on a roller coaster. For the entirety of the trip, we alternated between the rail line and the "waves".

    The country is really beautiful. We made the trip in June, so the weather was cool and dry. At the Finke end of the trip, the very last obstacle is a wide, sandy and rather treacherous river bed. Once again though, conditions may have improved.

    We certainly loved the trip, and I'd love to do it again in the 'cruiser, but I don't think we'd do it towing anything at all, especially not our pride and joy. We didn't do the Chambers Pillar section at the time because a leaf on one of the rear springs had given up the ghost - and the springs were heavy duty!

    I'd certainly look for more information on the state of the track before making a decision. The organisers of the Finke Desert Race (http://www.finkedesertrace.com.au) should have up to date information on conditions.

    All the best

  10. Zolle

    We have an ATV 2 which is almost 3 weeks old, and the cabinetry is all properly glued & screwed. The work is high class and looks great. We previously owned a 4 year old ATV which had seen some fairly rugged roads and never showed any sign whatsoever of fault or failure. As everyone agrees, talking to the Galls should be your first step.



  11. Rick & I are proud to announce the delivery of Big Bird. She is a 20' ATV2 with an exterior in silver and champagne, and interior in maple, gold and desert. I have uploaded photos and the layout in the photo albums.

    The boys at Kedron have done their usual good job, with only a couple of small issues to sort.

    We successfully sold Birdy (2003 ATV 16') to a couple in Townsville who will hopefully join the group at some stage.

    We're currently in Hervey Bay, leaving tomorrow for Tannum Sands and Awoonga Dam. From there we will slowly make our way back towards Maryborough for Easter and Brisbane for April Fool's Day. We're looking forward to catching up with everyone at Noosa North Shore.

    All the best

  12. Hi Blackie

    We'll certainly catch up with you at the Noosa gathering 'cos that's more or less going to be where we leave from too. We haven't really worked out an itinerary at this stage, we're more at the point of "OK - where do we want to go today?" Everytime we make longer term plans - we end up changing them! The aim is just to poke along, but it would be really good to catch up on the road somewhere - Rick says you can teach him how to fish??? :clown:

    All the best


  13. Thanks Guys

    We had a chat with Stan yesterday about our requirements, and because all we're really concerned with is the laptop, printer and phones, we feel that 400-600w is sufficient. (I decided I can live without the breadmaker.)

    Thank you all for your input.


    Lea & Rick

  14. I'm looking for advice on Invertors. Our new ATV2 is due in 3 weeks, and we're thinking about installing an invertor (either boot or generator box?) to run the laptop, printer and maybe a kitchen appliance or two (bamix, breadmaker maybe), BUT not all at the same time, with the exception of laptop and printer. Our biggest difficulty is knowing what size and type to get. 12v shops just tend to push their own brands.

    What are other members thoughts?

  15. Chris, you are just so right. Last year we came across another Kedron (ATV) parked just outside Cunnamulla in QLD so we doubled back and pulled over for a chat. Blow me if 10 minutes later, another ATV drove past in the other direction. They also doubled back and pulled over. Three of us all in a row. It was lovely talking to others on the road. Kedron owners seem to have such a sense of - well - almost family. Is it something to do with the way the Galls deal with us do you think?


    Lea & Rick

    ATV16' (very soon to be ATV2 - 20') :thumbsup:

  16. I've had an XL since July last year and have had problems with it ever since. I've had to return it back to Perth (distributor) once to have it reset because it completely froze, and since it was returned, I've been having problems with the screen re-draw. I get odd blue lines and triangles which are definitely not on any map. I will be returning it (in person!!) to the seller in February when we return to QLD, but in the meantime, I wondered if anyone else has the same infernal machine.

    It is also very slow at times to do a "warm" start. My Garmin satnav is much faster. I've read the Exploroz GPS book, but there is no enlightenment there either.


    Lea Avey

    ATV16' (our new van is due next month - yaaay!)


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