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  1. We have had a prodigy fitted to 100 series for about 2 yrs. Had no problems works brill,brillli,realy,really good. :thumbsup: regards Rick & Lea
  2. I've had an XL since July last year and have had problems with it ever since. I've had to return it back to Perth (distributor) once to have it reset because it completely froze, and since it was returned, I've been having problems with the screen re-draw. I get odd blue lines and triangles which are definitely not on any map. I will be returning it (in person!!) to the seller in February when we return to QLD, but in the meantime, I wondered if anyone else has the same infernal machine. It is also very slow at times to do a "warm" start. My Garmin satnav is much faster. I've read the Exploroz GPS book, but there is no enlightenment there either. :helpsmilie: Lea Avey ATV16' (our new van is due next month - yaaay!)
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