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  1. Hi Reece

    I just replaced 3 outside fluro lights with LED Discs and new plastic covers .Easy job to do yourself .Cost was $74 each. Thats lights and covers and cable joiners.Purchased through Springers in Brisbane. I say easy job ,cause if I can do it anyone can :rolleyes::lol:



  2. Hi Mal & Kerry

    We are leaving Lawnton SG on Monday ,heading towards Tamworth for a sit starting on the 18th March. Will you still be around the area then. Our planned first stop Mon. is Stanthope. We are keeping a close eye on the weather. It doesn`t look too flash in the next week or so. Where is the secret camp on the Gwidir riv.? Email is OK.


    Rick & Lea


    Have been cleared from specialists for another 4 months. :)

  3. G`Day Rob

    Exhaust does not hunt,but fantastic fan does occasionally when it is windy outside.Cleaning of the inside of the range hood is easy .Just undo 4 screws drop down range hood bottom and clean with whatever.!! ^_^ Now for the fun part ,putting it back together.It took me half an hour the first time and nearly 1 hour the second time. Trying to line up the screws with the holes whilst nearly standing on your head can be rather frustrating. There was lots of swearing involved. :angry: Good Luck.



  4. G`Day Sullie

    Welcome to the KOG forum.At 46deg. the little man inside your A.C. says that`s it I have had enough of this ,I`m knockin off and going down to the pub where it is cooler. :lol: Good luck getting it fixed in WA. :unsure:



  5. Hi Reece

    1 part Truckwash ,3 parts Elbow grease. :lol:

    But seriously. I used a spray bottle with about 1 part Truckwash and 3 parts water. Spray all the effected area and let stand for a couple of hours (over night if you can) then scrub with stiff brush (that`s where the elbow grease comes in) and wash off with water. It`s even better if you have access to a pressure washer.May have to do it twice. Good luck.



  6. Hi Russ

    You are right about these windows,they are a major PIA. We have been mucking about with them since about a year after purchase. We filled the slots (or bug highways as we called them) :rolleyes: first, then a few months ago fitted the furry catapillars top and bottom and sides.Also supplied were fancy stick on silver plastic strips to cover the holes. Now the bloody fly mesh is shrinking and the strips keep coming unstuck and tangle in the curtains :angry: I lined up one of the Dometic managers at the last Brisbane caravan show about them ,and his answer was "thats the way they come from Europe and they refuse to change them coz the market is not big enough"



  7. Hi Mark

    Reading on other forums I get the impression that you have to change some of your electrical system (Chargers etc.)as well. And this makes it a very expensive exercise .We have put it on our list of "things to buy when we win lottery". :rolleyes:

    If as you say you have got 6.5 yrs. from your current batteries (hope we do) I would stick with them.



  8. G`Day Folks

    Re the McHitch.

    I sent an email to Joe at McHitch this morning, re the supposed problems with the McHitch requesting some clarification on said rumours.

    Here is his reply.

    "On the subject of cracking we had a few claims of cracks developing

    in the rear bodies of our original 3.5 tonne models which had the welded steel

    rear bodies. These were all outside the warranty period but were replaced

    immediately at no cost what so ever to the customer.

    We were aware that all of the other off road couplings have had a continuing problem with fabricated welded

    steel components developing stress fractures over time. In fact one company would only offer

    rewelding of cracked components outside the 12 month warranty period to one

    owner who contacted me. Our new 3.5/4.5/6 tonne platinum range of couplings utilise cast

    components to avoid this problem while most other manufacturers to this day still use welded steel components.

    The Kedron owner who contacted me had a 3.5 tonne coupling which was 2 years old.

    We replaced the coupling as soon as I was contacted. No questions asked. Even when it was well

    outside the warranty period.We went to great lengths to make sure he received it ASAP.

    In fact I offered the owner a 6 tonne unit at no charge but it was decided to send him a new

    platinum series 3.5 tonne unit so that it would change over easily with the offer of a 6 tonne

    unit at no charge when he arrived home. He told me he had just travelled over a very rough road

    with the WDH bars attached. Apparently he thought the road was in good condition but

    found out it to be a rough bush track when it was too late to turn around.

    As you know WDH bars are only to be used on straight level highways( Haman Reese

    state this EXPLICITLY in their fitment instructions).

    The other rear body we had crack in a similiar manner

    was caused when the owner drove through a large "puddle", again, with WDH bars fitted.The hole was so deep

    he became stranded when the rear wheels of his tow vehicle were off the ground.

    Again we replaced it no questions asked.

    At no time did we issue a recall on these couplings because all of the claims were caused by

    other factors beyond our control, namely the incorrect and improper use of WDH systems in an off-road situation.

    Regardless, like i mentioned above, they were replaced free of charge, even outside warranty period.

    What other manufacturer would do that! :)

    We have bent over backwards to make sure all of our customers are happy, and will continue to do so, but

    at the same time we will not tolerate any mistruths being spread about our range of couplings.

    On that point, with our new range of Platinum series couplings, we have not had a SINGLE warranty claim.

    Including the 'older golder' 6 tonne models(the yellow ones). Not one.

    Thanks again, thought it'd be best for you to hear the WHOLE story ;)

    Regards Joe

    0402 863 867

    On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 12:35 PM, Rick Avey wrote:

    G`Day Joe

    There is a strong rumour circulating that earlier model Mc Hithes are developing cracks in them and there has been a recall? Can you please give me the correct info on this “Story”

    I purchased mine through Kedron on the7/9/2010 The number on it is K5GB22R if that is any help.


    I hope that may relieve some angst out there.

  9. G`Day Bill

    As long as you keep the pin polished, and clean the inside of the reciever occasionally(I use very fine sandpaper)then a very light squirt with silicone spray,then it is all good. ;)



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