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  1. Hi Geoff

    Thank you very much for the reply.  All 4 of my tanks are black with ridges on the bottom.  I will over the next few weeks take the tank I want to convert out of the van and I will then have a better idea if it is feasible or not especially with the vent as I might not have enough clearance above the tank when it is in its enclosure.  All the tanks have the ends facing the sides of the van and does not give a lot of room to drill/affix/glue etc.   I will keep you all posted on how I go.

    Thank you again



  2. Hi Merv

    Thank you for the great information.  The current setup for the waste water is the en suite sink and the kitchen sink are connected together and the washing machine connects to the shower drain.  There is a large tap fitted to the shower drain hose as the previous owner mentioned that the washing machine would start to go into the shower drain as the machines pump pressure was quite strong and the outlet would have a slight restriction to the flow.  Kitchen/Vanity and washing machine connect into a T then the shower is then connected with a second T which drains all to the outside.  I was considering not having the washing machine going to the grey water tank as we will only use it when we can drain to ground or van park.  I was going to attach the waste gate (below) to the sink/vanity and shower grey water inlets to stop the odor coming back up.  I will also take your advice to use a 32mm outlet for the drain.  The existing water tank is wrapped with 1mm or 1.5mm Gal sheet screwed to the rails under the van in between the axles (independent suspension).  I am only doing this as I have 4 x 80ltr tanks and as we are only starting out we wont need all that water and will probably spend a lot of time in CP's until we get a bit more confident to start to free camp a lot more and after we retire.


    Stay safe and thanks again for the info.


    Waste Trap.jpg

  3. We are now the proud owners of a very good 2006 ATV 19ft 6in van.  The van is fitted with 4 water tanks.

    It appears that the rear tank and the one between the axles are for drinking and sink and the front 2 for shower and washing machine. 

    I would like to convert one of the water tanks to a grey water tank and I was thinking of converting the tank between the axles

    as it is only a transfer of water so weight should not be a problem.

    Any assistance or recommendations will be appreciated.



  4. Thank you for the lovely welcome.  We will be only doing a couple of trial runs to start like long weekends etc as we are still full time working.

    Looking forward to retirement next year and hope to catch up with you on the road.


    Stay safe and happy vanning

    Garry and Myret

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  5. G'day everyone we hope you are all doing well and as this is my first post please be gentle. 

    We have made the jump and acquired a 2006 ATV 19ft 6in. 

    Well what a van and a credit to the previous owners.

    We hope to do a couple of short weekend trips to get the feel of things.

    Garry and Myret

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