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Found 1 result

  1. The van has reached another phase of its aging process. Its time to replace or repair that which was replaced or repaired 5 years ago. The Dometic HDC220 has received another set of shelves, a fan, a light and an inspection (It was never wired correctly from my buying it third hand). The rear tail lights have been changed out with new. I should've bought the LED upgraded Narva P/N 94840 like for like as it was the same price as the original Narva P/N 86050 + bulbs! The centre brake only light has been replaced with a second hand Narva unit as the new like for like in LED is no longer available. The interior Spun metal fluoro lights electronic starters died again and have been replaced with second hand as new ones are very, very hard to find. The running lights are now a combination of old Narva non UV stabilised P/N 86310 (the plastic rots within a year) and Narva LED Model 16 which are a far superior replacement just annoyingly smaller thus do not cover over the 86310's mount holes. the TV Wineguard aerial external cable has been replaced as it corroded away. The radio died and a new one has been installed with the annoying multi coloured multi featured mood enhancement that comes with the modern gadgets which will not stay programed as the new units require constant 12V supply to retain their memory. the Elixer bathroom exhaust fans switch & fan blade has been replaced with new as they had corroded and as it turns out the unit was always installed to run backwards - now rectified after 8 years of ownership! The wires into the Steca MPPT shorted out as the insulation rubbed through and was reduced to a melted lump of plastic - very lucky it didn't catch on fire and take the van with it. Replaced it with another Steca unit. Now the next repairs I need advice for; Exterior square lights are very yellowed and brittle and appear to be no longer available. Can anyone recommend a source of the original or a replacement? The Baintech Power supply 240V to 12V 25A still works fine but the cooling fan has always been noisey enough to disturb my wife's sleep and now it is ridiculously noisey to the level it is noticeable during the day & is manually turned off. Does anyone know of a replacement unit that is quite? How do the Solar panels go as they get older? I cannot find any original performance data and suspect I require a third panel to allow for the loss of performance and the power demands of a modern device dependent life. ( My sons computer draws down more power than the panels can produce on a clear summers day, and for him being online is far more important than preserving the food in the fridge!) Would love to hear of others who are repairing and modifying as the average Kedron stock ages and second hand prices are low enough to allow the tinkerers access to them.
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