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Ceramic Cooktop and Heater

Guest Graeme Yost

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Good Morning all

We have just been appointed Australian agent for Wallas Marin in Finland www.wallas.fi , they sell diesel marine air heaters and diesel ceramic cooktops and ovens , the most exciting thing is there XC DOU which is a combined ceramic cooktop and air heater in one , this is a very unique product not seen in Australia yet , i sent some info to Kedron as sometime someone is going to ask for an all diesel no gas van , these XC DUO units from Wallas are excellent very quite low power comsumption and only use 180ml of diesel per hour , i have just finished my display unit ready to do some trade nights , by using the XC DUO it combines the stove and heater all in one

see link to XC DUO http://www.wallas.fi/index.php?id=81


xcduo exhaust head.tiff


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