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  1. Thanks to Tony & Wendy, Rick & Lea for response. We stored van & car at Crystal Brook Caravan Park, 366-388 Kelvin Rd, Orange Grove, ph 08 94536226 $25 per week for van & car which we left hooked up. They are about 12/15km to the south of the airport, taxi fare cost $35 each way. We stayed a couple of nights on a powered site in the 'overflow' section for $25 a night. Park is basic but clean, mainly permanents. The people are easy to get on with. We were able to wash car etc. We can recommend for storage. Robert & Jane Jones
  2. We are looking for somewhere close to Perth Airport where we can leave our 20ft ATV and LC100 from 15th Feb to 4th March while we fly east to visit children and grandchildren. Does anyone have any suggestions? We left Townsville 2.5 years ago and have been travelling since. Robert & Jane Jones
  3. Drive or 4th has been the topic of conversation and disagreement between a number of parties. Our 100 series auto has now done 65K of which 28K was towing our ATV. Initially we used 4th, but after awhile started using drive on the open road and recorded a significant economy improvement. Some time ago we noticed that when in drive (at say 90kph) a slight depression of the accelerator caused the revs to climb about 300/400rpm but not drop back to 4th. If the lever was pushed across, 4th engaged and the revs climbed further. We were concerned that the initial rev rise was related to a slipping torque converter. We raised this with the Darwin Toyota dealer at the 60K service and asked them to check the transmission oil, which they found to be severely burnt. They advised that ‘drive’ should not be used when towing, but our Owner’s Manual clearly states “…in the “D” position, the automatic transmission system will select the most suitable gear for running conditions such as normal cruising, hill climbing, hard towing etc.” The Toyota dealer was not helpful in respect to the burnt oil, saying that the only way they could advise further was to take our ATV out on the open road with a computer hooked up, and that this would be an expensive exercise. We have learnt that trying to get somewhere with a reluctant dealer is akin to a brick wall. So we are now more judicious with our use of drive, and use the lever to positively engage 4th on inclines and with head winds, and will have the oil checked regularly. Robert and Jane Jones
  4. Following Russ's suggestion we have now relocated our swing over outboard mounting bracket to the rear bar of our ATV. The original "slip n easy" outboard mounting bracket was supplied by Kedron fitted to the front A-frame. We were able to change this as we run with only one spare wheel on the rear bar. We feel confident with this as the interchangeable spare from our 100 series means we have two spares in reality, and we have successfully used our tyre repair kit in the past. We positioned the outboard bracket over the spare mounting point so it takes most of the load, and made up an additional bracket as shown in the attached photo. Robert & Jane Jones
  5. We assume you are talking about a Swift oven. Ours has not broken but the inner glass panel did become dislodged between Katherine and Nuhlunbuy, luckily it didn't break. The door seemed rather flimsy, so we added some extra rivits to strengthen. Robert & Jane Jones
  6. Hi Ian & Jill We have been in a similar position. Our ATV (stated as 19ft, but we measure internally as 20ft, depends on where you measure!) weights are much the same as yours, and we have travelled full time for 2 years now, and 28,000 Km. At the time of ordering we discussed weights and tow vehicles with Kedron; we would characterize the discussions as ‘non committal’. We bought a 100 series Landcruiser which, after going over a weigh bridge, we found to be overloaded when fully loaded. Initial options seemed to be change vehicle or van; we decided to accept the situation but try to minimize the risks. For power we fitted a 3inch exhaust system, really made a difference, and had ARB upgrade our suspension. At the first tyre change we went for a higher load index tyre (BF Goodrich). In the van we modified the water plumbing so that all three tanks could be used independently. While travelling we fill the rear (60L) tank only to get weight behind the axles. When bush camping we may fill the rear 80L tank as well, but only at the last possible fill point. We carry a water bladder (40L we think) and a spare pump so that we can draw water from a creek or other source and transfer to the van tanks as needed. We seldom fill the jerry cans, only when we really need to. This has worked reasonably well, we can generally keep the ball weight down to 380kg, say 80% of the time, but this is still overloaded. We found that there was too much weight on the rear vehicle wheels, the 750 weight distribution hitch was not quite coping. So we recently upgraded to a 1000lb distribution hitch (not straight forward) which has helped to transfer more weight to the front. Hope this is of some help, if you want any more details just ask. Robert & Jane Jones, currently near Darwin.
  7. In a recent conversation with Vehicle Components about wheel aligning the subject of brakes (Dexter) came up. The following information might be of assistance to someone; hose points at rear of backing plate are for flushing out sand/salt water. Some van manufacturers plumb the separate flush points to one central flush point. Van should be towed after flushing to dry, otherwise corrosion can occur. The Brake magnets have dimples which are wear indicators. When the dimples disappear, replace the magnets. Vehicle Components can send spares to pretty well anywhere in Oz. Magnets usually outlast several brake shoe sets, but not necessarily. When replacing magnets drum usually should not need machining. Watch that the drum does not wear to the extent that the magnets touch the studs heads, drums are best replaced then. Robert and Jane Jones
  8. David and Jane. We have been on the road for two years now and are currently at Corroboree Park about 100Km east of Darwin. The barra fishing is good. We are new at forums and need to master searching. Thank you for the link you provided, it was informative, but the company mentioned are not in the NT. The following may help someone. I have spoken with Vehicle Components who I have found most helpful, very good service. They advise; Remove wheels and use a straight edge on the hubs to align to chassis rails. Probably need a straight edge horizontally on the hub and another vertically on the chassis rail and measure the gap. The front wheels can have a little toe-in (1 or 2 mm), can help tracking. The rear wheels should be straight. As far as they are aware Kedron uses this method while the suspension is upside down on the factory floor. I am going to follow this up with Kedron and will advise if any further information is forthcoming. Vehicle Components emphasised the importance of torquing up all bolts to specification, see attachment. They said that older styles required the bolts to be backed off a little to allow movement, but they use a bush over the bolt inside the poly bush, and should be clamped up tight. Greasing (nipples) should be done (important) regularly to force out any dust that has penetrated. Also at some point (maybe two years, depends on use) the suspension should be disassembled for a complete going over, and reassembled with a light smear of good quality (wheel bearing) grease on all pivoting surfaces. We also discussed brakes (Dexter), I’ll post this separately, it may be of interest to someone. Thanks again Robert & Jane 33I_032___BOLT___NUT_TORQUE_SETTINGS_Rev6.pdf
  9. Does anyone have any advice/knowledge/suggestions about checking/adjusting the wheel alignment on a twin axle ATV with Cruisemaster leaf suspension? After 28K (at least a third off road, last month to Nhulunbuy and return) we find the inside edge of two tyres scrubbing out, one very badly. Should have rotated them but didn't till last week! Overall tyres are in good condition except the inside edge. We are aware that with the axles close together there will be scrubbing while cornering, but one really bad wheel suggests a possible alignment problem. Robert & Jane
  10. We're considering a trip to the Flinders Ranges with some friends end of April. Would like some feedback from anyone in the group who has taken their Kedron into this area.
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