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  1. Hi Tolands,

    we are on the Gold Coast, we will be out around Birdsville for two weeks prior to the BRB, heading up the track first, dig tree, then up to Dalhousie,etc,etc, 

    we have a small dog with us so the brb site is a no dog zone, 

    i think 6000 people camping in the dirt might be a bit too much for us, we are a family 2 kids 13 & 15,, so we can mix it with the best, but the dog,,,planning on doing some trips around town and along the river during the day, 

    we leave on the 19th//20th






    1. tolands


      Hi Glen


      Sorry for the late reply.... have fun, it should be a little green out there and I hope the roads are open for you... they are saying there will be 1000 kids there ! we are travelling with grown up kid in own camper trailer and heading up to Winton thru Diamantina NP after the event... travel safe

  2. We are also heading out there, is it better to stay at Big Red or in Birdsville?
  3. Hi Guys, Does anybody have any feedback on the black checker plate on the new vans? Does it chip easliy? Is it easy to clean? Thanks Glen
  4. Hi Alan, I tow in DRIVE , with no problems at all, I also have a scangauge and watch the ATF, Never had any issues, Thanks Glen
  5. Hi Alan, I have it wired to a Polaris monitor mounted in The corner of the windscreen, it will remain on at all times, Glen
  6. Hi there, Have you looked at the products from sea sucker ,, mine works will Glen
  7. Hi there, Have you looked at the products from sea sucker ,, mine works will Glen
  8. Hi Bob, We stayed at Port Douglass for few days then went to Cooktown via the Highway, I left my van at The Lions Den, it's a great spot,, then just drove the track, much more enjoyable without the van on the back, the road is narrow and steep and long in a lot of places and all I could say whilst driving is " I am glad we don't have the van" there is a lot of traffic in both directions on this road , with not much room for passing on coming traffic, We enjoyed it more with less stress, and being able to stop and smell the roses along the way , with the van we could not have done that, Glen
  9. Hi Guys, I will send you a report when we get back, We have booked our TE in Punsand Bay for end of June, heading from the Glod Coast, up via Bloomfield, then out though Lakefield, then up the PDR, It has taken months of reading this forum and other sites, to workout wear i can take the van, and the last bit to Punsand is what worries me, But the adventure is half the fun, Please feel free to say hi along the way, thanks Glen
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