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  1. Hope he gets better soon!! - and don't worry too much about the paper work! ( I've got my receipt from the Bank)
  2. Pand D

    Ball Weights

    Hi Peter, Thanks for that info. I will definitely follow this up, and will let you know how I go ---may take a few months!! Cheers, Paul
  3. Pand D

    Ball Weights

    Hi Steve/Sandy interesting to read your post of 8 Jan. You say you are plated to 7800Kg GCM, with a GVM of 3800Kg. I was led to believe that the GCM of 6850Kg ( 3800Kg for the cruiser upgrade was not allowable ) was sacrosanct That is, the max veh weight 3350Kg and the max van weight 3500Kg as provided by Toyota and Kedron respectively give a GCM of 6850Kg, and that by law this is not to be exceeded. Can you confirm that you can legally have a GCM of 7800Kg,as I would love to have that too! ( we all know that those Kedron vans are heavy--been there, done that! ) I have a plated GVM upgrade of 3800Kg for my Cruiser,, but have been advised that this is only applicable to the vehicle on its own. When towing the original GVM of 3350Kg applies,, as does the plate of 3500Kg for the van. The towbar/ball is only rated to 3500Kg/350Kg, as decreed by Toyota. Has this been increased as well? Would appreciate the legalities of this, as I'm sure I'm not the only one with a Cruiser who is faced with this problem Thanks in anticipation, Paul n Denise
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