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  1. Warren

    Problem with Waeco fridge. Please help!

    Hi I have finally got a result Dometic are now going to replace it with an RPD218. It is a much better design as the cooling plate(evaporator) is almost the hole length of the back wall. They said that you have to be careful leaving anything against the plate as it could freeze. Also the condenser has been fitted in a different position. Hopefully all my fridge problems will be over.
  2. Warren

    Problem with Waeco fridge. Please help!

    Thanks for that, speaking to Dometic they say you don't require a fan, I questioned them on that saying that I have an outside glass double door bar fridge which has two fans in it. They came up an excuse, now I have to take it down to Brisbane and they are going to pull the fridge out and leave it in the workshop and use it and see how it operates. I said to them that the operating temperatures in the workshop will be different from a caravan. anyway I will see what happens. Friends were telling me on the weekend that some of the manufacturers are going back to 3 way fridges as they have become more efficient. Warren
  3. Warren

    Problem with Waeco fridge. Please help!

    Hi I have been experiencing similar problems with the RPD215, when I load it full of food the temperature goes up then it really struggles to get back down hence it chews up the battery power. I have had Dometic put data logs in but only with no food, and shows it working ok. The now want to pull the fridge out and put it in their workshop for a week or so to see how it runs, I questioned that as it is not running under the same operating conditions as in the van. Is the 218 a much better fridge?? How does it go when off the grid if you only get around 5hrs of Solar?? Thinking about changing to a Three Way fridge never had trouble with one of those before. Looking forward to some advice Warren