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  1. Hi Rob 

    when I set up the 3 lithium batteries 

    I contacted Enerdrive and they were very helpful  over the phone to help with calibration 

    me being a dummy I messed it up 

    so Enerdrive sent one of there field technicians over to sort it all out he was very good and very helpful 

    and yes you are correct we are not getting 360 amp hours 



  2. Camping weekend at Lostock Dam


    there will be entertainment there

    The locals come down from the hills for this weekend 

    banjo 🪕 playing 

    fiddle strumming 

    mouth 👄 organ 

    And a open mic 🎤 night crowd participant

    Bring some of these B947DD9E-B133-4B04-AF72-6CDD020C4346.thumb.jpeg.9c419048882b7a02eba60e197f274236.jpeg


    Throw a fishing pole 🎣 in and get 1 of theseE2497A8A-8C0D-46CD-88DF-42E7F07BCB1E.thumb.jpeg.b11b8c0798d9a1fd2d0e5e2f986b9710.jpegLooking ford to a great weekend 



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  3. All good and thanks for the good advice on the cable size 

    I was very low cash 💰 

    so a new 2600W inverter was out of the picture 

    I had the 1000W Redarc in the shed from my old van

    when I go lithium batteries I am thinking of 3x120 itech world batteries 

    have you got any info on them 

    good or bad



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  4. Getting ready for lithium batteries in my

    Kedron 2013 AV2

    3x300 solar Panels on the roof

    60W Morningstar controller MPPT

    60amp Enerdrive battery charger 

    DC2DC Enerdrive 40+ charger all wired in 

    35mm cable 

    Thanks to Tony’s great advice 35mm Cable is the go 

    1000W Redarc inverter as well
    so I think I am ready to go lithium batteries soon

    just need to convince the wife 





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  5. Hi Pete

    when you up graded your solar Panels to 1040W how many Panels did  you use and how did you wire them up 

    Did you have to in stall a second solar regular 

    Are you running a MPPT regular 



    PS only new to this 

    bear with me ?

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