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  1. Thanks Pete, We have been following the Kedron FB page for a while and enjoy the videos of new Vans as well as reading about owners first hand experiences. This has helped tremendously with some of our decisions regarding the specs for ours. Thanks for the tips. Regards, A&G
  2. Thanks Chris, Just updated our location. Looking forward to filling the rest of the profile detail once we have the Van. Cheers, A&G
  3. Thanks Sandra & Clive, We are practicing the 'Keddy Wave'! Why are people looking at us as if we are from another planet! lol
  4. Hi Tony, Thanks for the welcome and info re upcoming catch ups. Unfortunately neither link works and the second says I'm not allowed to view it. Maybe because my content is presently moderated? We live in Southern Sydney but do plan to get up to one of the Kilkivan gatherings once we have the Van. Cheers, A&G
  5. Hi all, Just joined up to this forum. We have ordered a TE5 for delivery pencilled in for December this year. We are heading up to the factory next week to finalise colours and some details. Starting to get excited now after first ordering this Van at the end of last year. Our first Van was a 21 footer from a manufacturer in Melbourne. It wasn't a bad Van but this Keddy will be our 'dream Van' and we have spent quite a bit of time researching various options. Looking forward to exploring this forum and to pick some brains. Look forward to meeting you up the track next year! Cheers, Andrea and Gary
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