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  1. Shoe storage We use the hanging shoe storage racks too, but lay them on their backs-they just fit between the bedside drawer units and the under bed storage-and found that a good sized piece of non slip matting underneath stops them moving. If we don't have enough shoes with us to fill each pocket, I close the back pockets with large bulldog clips to make the whole unit shorter. We have one of these units on each side of the bed and find they keep the shoes neatly separated. After a couple of months away, the dust does tend to build up but it is easily shaken out. The shoe storage units I bought came from Howards Storage world. The other items I have found very successful from Howards are their refrigerator baskets in two different sizes. We have them in most cupboards and they stop anything falling over. We are heading off in a couple of weeks for about 5 months, firstly to the Dig Tree and from there we really haven't decided. Hope to meet up with some other Koggers on the road. Julie
  2. Hi Geoff Your answer is what this site is all about Geoff-friendly and helpful people with good advice. Many thanks. We will phone Rod and see when they can fit our van in. Would be good if we could meet whenever we get the van down there, so will get in touch when we have a date to see if you are available. Many thanks once again Julie
  3. Hi to all Hoping someone can help with some advice please. Our ATV needs to have the brakes/bearings, etc. looked at and/or serviced and I haven't been able to find a reliable company near Forster to do the work. It was last serviced at the Kedron factory in November 1 1/2 years ago. Since then we lived in the van at Forster Beach CP for six months while our house was built and apart from that have only had one trip to Stockton Beach. Who was it who said that in retirement you are busier than when you worked??? They were right!! Our plans to retire and spend at least half each year travelling came to an abrupt halt. Any information would be gratefully received. Cheers, Julie
  4. Hi to all What plans do others have for travel next year? For us, Feb/March will be southern NSW coast and Victoria and June/July-ish out to Uluru and the Centre for a couple of months. Hope to catch up with some other Koggers in 2011 somewhere in this wonderful country. Thanks to all for the advice and help we have received the past couple of years on this forum and best wishes to all for a wonderful, joyous Christmas and New Year. Julie & John
  5. Hi Reg and Fran Thanks for the reply. The fix you made to the aircon was exactly what Dometic did in Brisbane-that was the end of that problem. Our aircon was also dangling even after some not too bumpy tarred roads!! We have actually found the dometic aircon to be quite good for cooling. Last year we worked on Windemere Station out of Winton for six weeks up till the end of September-35 to 38 degrees every day-and the aircon worked really well. The aircon is quite noisy but that's the price you pay for cooling I guess. For heating it works quite well too, but for a quick fix to the cold nothing beats the diesel heater. The problem at the moment is that the compressor isn't working-so no cooling. Not sure if the compressor runs the heating as well.....I'm sure someone will let me know that one. Hopefully dometic will be able to help?? when I give them a call on Monday. Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly Julie
  6. Another problem has reared its head. I turned the aircon on today and the compressor isn't working!! It was up till three weeks ago when I last gave it a run. Will have to give Dometic a ring on Monday. We had a replacement unit installed under warranty last July in Darwin and the van wasn't even a year old. The compressor had died then too. Of course, this aircon is not under warranty. The other problem with the original aircon was that whenever we went on a bumpy or gravel or dirt road, the inner workings of the aircon jumped out of its proper place and made a dreadful banging noise when turned on. Thank goodness we carry a desk top fan. Dometic couldn't fix the problem permanently but showed us how to fix it every time it happened-gee thanks. Luckily we carry a ladder. The second aircon had the same problem and was finally fixed by the good people at Dometic at Brendale last December. Does anyone else have problems with airconditioners??? Should we replace the dometic with a different brand? Ideas please!!! Cheers Julie
  7. Many thanks for all the advice. I checked in the boot and the charger was humming and vibrating along merrily-it will be turned off at night when we are away from now on!! Happy now that I know the charger is not on the way out. The noise only started in May, and then only faintly and was hardly noticeable, but I can hear it now as soon as I step into the van. Deb and Glen. Sorry we missed you in Forster, but look forward to meeting you both at Millmerran. Cheers Julie
  8. Hi to all. After a bit of help and/or advice again. We now have the van on its pad next to the house and it is plugged into the 15amp power point. Just in the van cleaning and there is a quite loud humming noise coming from the front boot. We have noticed it before, very faintly and not continuously, earlier this year at Forster caravan park, but it is now quite loud. The inverter is not turned on, so can't be that. My next guess is the charger. Is this normal or does it mean that the charger is on the way out? Is it from something else? This noise would be very annoying at night as we have a front bed and the noise and what seems to be a vibration seems to be coming right from under the head of the bed. Has anyone else had this problem? We are heading for Millmerran at the end of September and would like to get this relatively minor (hopefully) problem sorted before then. Any advice would be very gratefully received and much appreciated. Cheers Julie
  9. Many thanks for the suggestion. Haven't had time to attack the screens as yet, but will do so this week. If one method doesn't work, will try another!!! Cheers Julie
  10. Many thanks to all for the advice. Hope to have sparkling clean screens soon!! Cheers Julie
  11. Hi to all We have recently moved into our new home in Forster after six months living in the van at Forster Beach Caravan Park-great spot by the way-and want to give the van a real 'spring clean'. Lots of the mesh screen part of the window shades in the van has blackish areas on it. They don't wipe off and I am not sure what I can use to remove the discolouration-it doesn't look good at all. The marks don't appear to be mould but I could be wrong there. Can I use a bleach type product such as napisan or would that destroy the mesh? Would we have to take the windows out to clean the mesh or can they be wiped down in place without damaging them? Thought I would ask here first before bothering the good people at Kedron. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Julie
  12. Hi John and Maureen Many thanks for answering my query. I have checked out the web site and it all looks good-will get in touch with them for a quote. Noticed from a previous thread that you are doing the Savannah Way this July. We did the trip to Darwin that way last year and had a ball. Have fun!! Cheers Julie
  13. Hi John and I are in the process of moving from Canberra to Forster NSW and would like to have our Kedron covered in the marine/salt environment. Has anyone purchased a good quality cover or know of a company that they can recommend to make one? Concerned that the cover may rub the van finish, so any suggestions welcome. We have been living in the van in Forster since January and now have about 3 weeks to go before we can move into the new house. Will only be able to get away later this year for a couple of weeks to Milmerran and Brisbane-miss being on the road. Cheers Julie
  14. Many thanks for those web sites-will check them out Jules
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