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  1. Has anyone had problems with their oven door shattering? Our van is 3 1/2 years old and the front glass on the door shattered while we were travelling, leaving the other glass in tact. Not sure if it will be able to be replaced or whether we will need to replace the whole door.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, we did get it working and now leave the in/out switch in the middle position and do not touch the control switch and it seems to be working fine, may be a loose wire in the control switch, but we will try spraying the switch on top, Wayne did get up on top to see if power was getting to it. Thanks goodness it is working as our air con has given up the ghost and we have been in the NT (Kakadu now Darwin) for several weeks, so not good - hope to get it looked at in the next couple of days while we are here. Thanks again
  3. We are currently travelling in NT and are having problems with our 12 volt fan mounted in the ceiling, thought is was a loose wire as it would not work after going on gravel roads, but it was working last night and will not work tonight after the van has just sat all day? Also found that it came on twice when we put a pump on, but that won't work tonight? :helpsmilie:
  4. Found this topic very interesting, we also have black gunk in the top tank and as we are heading off around Aus on Monday, was off today to get some thetford chemicals - will instead purchase some napisan!! Thanks!!
  5. I asked this same question when we bought our van. The most success I have had is to spray the fly screen with a white king bathroom cleaner or similar, but you need someone on the other side with a cloth so that is sticks to the screen, then have the person on the other side hold the cloth on the screen on the same part you are rubbing, so that you can put some weight on the screen (of course this is for very dirty screens, ours were a red colour in places when we bought the van)
  6. We are heading north beginning of May to NT and agree that hopefully the plugged will be pulled by then and the fishing great.
  7. Thanks for that we have a AECA PR3030 meter, maybe that could be the cause, will check to see what its maximum is, it was pulling nearly 29 on the weekend with some cloud around.
  8. Has anyone any ideas as to why our radio/cd player should come on of its own accord? We spent a couple of weeks sleeping in our van at home (son called it the out-suite) while all the family were home over Christmas and noticed the radio on several times (standby mode only), it happened with 240 power connected and with no power connected. Just noticed it on again after putting some gear in fridge (the only thing operating) to go away for the long weekend :question:
  9. Thanks for that, have looked on the net and not found anything so far. Cheryl & Wayne
  10. Can anyone tell us where to purchase the snap seal water filter for the drinking water tap, ours has a model no. SLC-230-1C Cuno is the manufacturer? Thanks Wayne & Cheryl
  11. Well we had the panels checked out on Saturday and it was a corroded crimped connection under one of the panels (see attached pics of crimp connections replaced one was okay but the other one the wire had corroded completely away), looked like it had been sitting in water. So looks like it is a good idea to keep the van out of the weather when not in use. We had purchased a stormcover for our van as we cannot fit it in the shed we have, it is supposed to be hail proof as well so we will have to bed it down now until our next trip. Thanks to all for your feedback. Wayne & Cheryl Byrne
  12. Hi Roger Very interesting info, ours seem to be wearing okay but it is nice to know there is someone who can align them properly will keep a note of the website for future reference. Wayne & Cheryl Byrne
  13. We did as Rosco suggested and it appears that only 1 panel which is on drivers side is working, the 2 on the other showed no reading at all - all fuses look fine, guess we will have to get a solar guy to check it out to see if the panels are faulty or wiring??? Wayne & Cheryl :confused1:
  14. Okay thanks for that we thought there must be a problem, will get it checked out our van was built in Feb 2006. Wayne & Cheryl
  15. As this was our first longer trip in our topender we are unsure what solar output we should be getting out of our 3 x 120? (not sure what size as our van is second hand) with 4 x 120 amp hr batteries. After a week of free camping at Manangoora we noticed the voltage kept dropping below 12v and decided we had better read up on the regulator directions and it appeared that the panels were not producing many amps sometimes none, the best we noticed was 6 amps going in and that has also been since we have arrived home. Just looked back on some old posts and noticed someone had a fuse problem with theirs - we kept the batteries up by running the 4.2 generator on it (as we did not get a generator before heading off). Any ideas on what our problem could be? Thanks Wayne & Cheryl :helpsmilie:
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