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Van step safety issue

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Hi All

Almost had a serious accident with the van step. It broke at one corner.

It is bolted through the floor with 4 heavy duty dome head bolts. The bracket they anchor to with nyloc nuts from the step had broken on one of the four bolt predrilled holes. These predrilled holes have less than a 2mm wide outer edge.

Our constant downward weight on the step has forced this less than 2mm section to spread out from the nyloc nut and break. Fortunately this only happened to one of the four holes so I was able to drill a new hole further along the step bracket.

My remedy was to install heavy duty washers under nyloc nuts to spread the load.

Please check out your step.

Reg and Fran


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Hi Reg & Fran

I can't picture the arrangement of your step, how does your step differ from the one shown on the Kedron web site?

My XC2 has the same arrangement as the Top Ender on the Kedron web site except it is a front door.

The step is bolted to the footwell/step in the van which is a welded aluminium chequer plate box bolted to chassis steelwork extensions.

Judging by the battering the step arms have taken being rather bent this arrangement is solid.


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:thumbsup: Hi Zolle

Sorry about the late reply due to work.

I don't think the alluminium step we have is any different from the picture of the TE on the Kedron site> (I presume it's the silver TE you refer to ?)Our TE is 2 yrs old.

The main thing to check is how many anchor bolts hold it in place and whether they have washers or just nyloc nuts.

Cheers Reg :smile:

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