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  1. For what reason? John Swift Stove Warning.pdf
  2. Hi Pete As a matter of interest is your van insured by an insurer that offers layup cover at a reduced rate from standard road use cover for extended periods? Cheers John
  3. Weigh it for a tare weight check. Cheers
  4. Didnt read the subject properly
  5. I was told today at the Perth 4 WD show by a radio manufacturer that the use of 40 channel radios is banned by the government from July 2017. Cheers John
  6. Danno This web site only allows positive messages about Kedron, the negative experiences cannot be posted. Cheers John
  7. Hi Tony Thanks for that information those Ebay ones are certainly very attractively priced. These are the ones that led me to ask the question, particularly the 2000W model with the capability of mains connection. http://www.projecta.com.au/Products/Inverters/Intelli-Wave.aspx#!prettyPhoto Cheers
  8. How is your inverter wired? Independent of the mains 240v circuit or connected to it? There is 1 post on this forum indicating at the time of build an inverter was connected to the mains circuit but a 2 way switch allowed the inverter to run separated from the mains. This is what I want to do but all the inverters seen to date have only mains socket connections so how has anyone fitting an after market inverter wired it up? The mains isolater in my van is not near to the battery and boot probably making wiring of a 2way switch a bit difficult. Cheers John
  9. A very good question as I haven't bothered with it for 8 years nor with the small 25A charger just below it. When connecting to mains supply I have just left it on 12V. However in installing my 200AHr Lithium battery I tried it to see what it really did and as far as I could see when all batteries are removed switching to 240V and the 25A charger allowed all the 12V circuits to work in the van. I did not find a simple switch to switch off the solar system as when the battery was installed it appeared that when on mains power both mains and solar chargers were working on 12V and 240V selections and relying on their own controllers to regulate their supply charge. Asking your question to Kedron did not bring a proper answer and I did comment that they should supply circuit diagrams of the electrical installations which again brought no comment. Over to the KOG experts!
  10. Query for those who have fitted after market extra solar panels. Where did you run the wiring of the extra panels - to the existing solar panel wiring and connect at roof level or run the wiring directly to the solar controller? If you ran the wiring to the solar controller where did you run the wires in the van assuming you did not remove cladding to run the wires along with the existing wires? Cheers John
  11. Hi All I have decided to buy 1 x 200AH LifePo4 battery as it is the best value $/AH in the range of 100, 200 & 240 AH batteries from my chosen supplier. Weight saving over 2 x 100 AH AGMs is about 37Kg. Cost factor over 2 x my original Fullriver batteries is just over 3/1 and compared to the Enerdrive systems Kedron are fitting my conversion costs are reversed at about 1/3. Value for money is a combination of factors relavent to individuals. Time will tell if the choice is right. Cheers John
  12. Hi David The supplier told me the batteries have their own built in BMS which is confirmed on the Fusion web site. http://www.fusionagmbatteries.com.au/tabid/337/cid/8/Products/LithiumIonPhosphateBatteries.aspx Regarding the testing I have already concluded my batteries have reached their useby date after the cycles I put them through whilst my fridge was playing up and the fact that they would not charge above 97% SOC. Cheers John
  13. Hi David Thanks for your informative response, however did you mean to say your points 1 - 5 really are myths? The reason why I am not considering the price differential between the batteries is because my starting point is the cost of a new van upgrade would include a tug upgrade and would be around $70-80,000 to do the same job as the existing ones with a few mods.(Tony I can laugh at the cost saving) Weight saving is a consideration as we have a plated ATM of 3.1t and only 60-70kg to play with when water tanks are full and fully loaded to travel across the country.. If I lose 30kg with Lithium batteries that could give me enough extra load for a grey water tank and a couple more solar panels. The straight cost comparison of the offers received from the one supplier is 2 x 120AH Bosch AGM at $600 and 2 x 100 AH lithium with BMS at $2800. I believe the Lithium batteries would give me a lot more AHrs available without the concern as with AGM's of running the batteries too low and causing damage to them. Also my fridge stops working around 11 - 11.5V and Lithiums are likely to maintain a working higher voltage longer. As David said the Lithiums are relatively safe to fully discharge and quick to charge fully. No decision has been made yet as my old batteries are with the supplier being tested. I did not know that apparently a proper test of agm deepcycle batteries involves multiple cycles of charges to 100% and discharges to flat over several days. Cheers John
  14. Further to my post on replacements for my Fullriver batteries I am seeking information that others may have collected or have experience knowledge of. Duting my 8 years of use of the batteries on my van I have never montitored the SOC and only checked the batteries voltage making 12v as the low limit. In seeking prices for replacement AGM batteries I founf an importer/retailer who could supply 2 AGM's for a good price or supply 2 LifePO4 batteries for a much larger price. I have been advise by the makers of the solar controller and battery charger fitted in the van that both are suitable for use with LifePO4 batteries that have their own battery management system. The batteries supplier agrees with that proposal. However my dilema I now have is that I do not know how many A/Hrs are able to be safely drawn from each type of battery so my questions are simply the following - For a 120 AHrs AGM battery how many AHrs can safely be drawn in regular use without charging. For a 100 AHrs LifePO4 battery how many AHrs can safely be drawn in regular use without charging. If I can get comparable information I can make the decision of which battery to buy, ignoring the cost difference of course. Cheers John
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