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  1. The fan in our vitrifrego fridge doesnt work,so contacted a fridge technician in ingham, he came out and suggested to attach another fan to the existing fan, he wasnt sure how to take the existing fan out so suggested to attach a fan to it, I would be grateful if someone could explain how to attach it so I can show him. Kerry
  2. Hi all, we left Hervey Bay heading to VIC and South Australia,and decided to take the opportunity to call in to the new Kedron Factory and get the oven sorted.(Finally) I have to say , what a pleasure it is to deal with them,I know it's been said many times before, and rightfully so. Outcome , Oven fixed along with a few additional bits and pieces ,all done straight away, and talk about service with a smile Lisa's Daughter (MEMORY LOSS, no wonder we have our names on back of van) was in charge of organising the work to be done , and what a friendly and competent person she is. The problem with the oven was a small magnet ,I think at the back of the control knob,it vibrated out of place. The Thermocoupling that Camec sold me , AS I suspected at the time, was not was not the right one,so I donated it to Kedron. All work done for us by Kedron , No Charge. Regards MAL.
  3. Diesel is getting to expensive. I came across this Wind powered Toyota on a property near Georgetown. And then coming over the mountains down towards Cairns, I could not believe my eyes couldn't see to well because of the fog ,but must have been a gathering of the Buggers.. . Regards Mal.
  4. Excuse me steve, if the 2nd post is engaged, should I try standing on top of the 1st one with tongue poking out left side of mouth.LOL. Regards mal.
  5. sellinup

    Roof leak

    Hi Tony, off topic but what was the cost for the Keddy and tug to cross and return to the main land? Take lots of pickies and share. Regards mal.
  6. sellinup

    Roof leak

    Hi Tony , I'm with Laurie re A/C, we had a roof leak about 12mts ago, removed the A/C internals and it's easy to see how a leak there could travel between inner and outer skins. Hope you have success, leaks and squeaks are bloody hard to find. Regards mal and kerry.
  7. There will be a short segment on to'night , about how a growing number of councils don't want us grey nomads staying in independent camp sites in their area. More likely the local caravan parks complaining again. We have noticed an increasing number of Show grounds are no longer allowing camping . Channel 7 This day To'night at 7 o'clock. Regards mal .
  8. A nice feed of Hervey Bay Whiting. YUM..#£##. ... Well that didn't work. Can't see how to put in a photo using our note pad???. Oh well our Computer should be back in action soon. (edited) Thank heavens,computer back,New Hard drive plus a complimentaly scratch from a Box cutter that goes from top to bottom on outside casing. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT JAN.####. Regards Mal.
  10. Hi Tony, it's said that it tastes like chicken,so Kentucky Fried was going to be the go,only thing it wouldn't stay still while I prepared it. So then I remembered watching a show a long time ago, I think it was in China, they simply dip the live Snake into boiling water for a couple of seconds and cut it up ,the thing is you had to eat it while it was still squirming. SWMBO wasn't impressed with that idea, so don't know if it could be a substitute for chicken. Hi Leslie and Erich, not sure but I would think some sort of tree snake. He was about 2'6" long,but not very thick. Regards Mal..
  11. This little beastie was in my Baby Q. when I lifted up the lid. Clean undies needed.
  12. THANKS for the Birthday wishes. Had a great day. Regards MAL.
  13. Hi Tony I saw a slightly different version , 2 city girls and 2 farm girls . the 2nd farm girl wasn't sure what method she would follow but thought the Bucket and Saucer sounded easy so they went with that. When they all met a year later ,farm girl no2 was not only pregnant but also cross eyed. The counsellor coulden't understand how it could work for farm girl no1 but not farm girl no2, until she explained that as her husband was the taller of the two, she had to stand on the bucket.
  14. Hi Tony,Merv,and Rick. Thanks for input,we will be on the move for a bit,but as soon as we put the anchor out and are close to another Gas appliance repairer I will see if they can get a Thermocoupling. Hey Rick is that how Lee broke her ankle,kicking the stuffing out of stove?? . Regards Mal.
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