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  1. The Kedron Handbook is very heavy (3 kilos) and bulky! Because we're newbies we didn't want to leave it behind on our next trip. So we downloaded a pdf version of all the manuals. Those we couldn't find we scanned. There were only 4 or 5 we couldn't either download or scan, so we popped them into a new folder along with a memory stick of our downloaded/scanned pdf's. Our Kedron Bible is now a slim and light 0.7 kilos! If you want a copy of the pdfs, here is the Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/…/nvg883…/AADfmJRYCXEFSfjbv4O9TfqEa…. Obviously, these are specific to our van and setup, but you're welcome to a copy if they are of any use to you.
  2. Good evening everyone, Hubby and I went for a walk at the beach today and saw 4 Kedron caravans in the caravan park! We walk past the caravan park most days, and have seen two or three Kedrons there in the last six months. And so to see 4 there in one day is unusual to say the least! Are you there? If so, give us a hoi and we'll pop over to introduce ourselves and say hello. Regards, Debbi and Peter
  3. Hello fellow KOGs Peter and Debbi here, writing to introduce ourselves. We're new to caravaning, and so also new to Kedron / KOG. We picked up our TE5 on 19 Jan 17, and have just come back from a shake out trip around south east Qld for a couple of weeks. We enjoy golf, cycling, walking, photography (beginners) and painting (especially landscapes ... and so there's lots of inspiration around!). We had a ball, and are looking forward to travelling in our van and meeting fellow KOGs on the road. Give us a wave if you see us!!
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