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  1. Hi, what size is your van?
  2. Hi guys! We've ordered our xc3 21ft family van and are at the colours stage. We really like the graphite colour but have been warned that the darker colours may have a warping issue in hotter weather. Has anyone on here got a 20ft+ van and ever had this issue?
  3. Hi guys, we're about to order our van and Kedron are at the top of our list. Can we please get everyone's opinion on the product and after sales service? Has anyone had issues that weren't easily and quickly taken care of? Has anyone had any major problems? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I'm a new member to the forum and was wondering whether there were many Kedron owners in their 30's on here. We are in our early 30's with 2 daughters and we are looking at purchasing a new XC3 to do a long term (12-18 months) trip around Aus so look forward to meeting some of you!
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