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  1. Hi Rod, I’ve just put 3 itech world batteries in my topender. I still have the old Redarc BCDC but have an enerdrive unit on order and will throw the Redarc in the cruiser. I have the same AC charger and morning star solar. One of the issues I had(maybe still do to some degree) is the calibration of the eLite battery monitor I have 3 x 130w panels and in sunshine will top up the batteries to full in a few hours. I’m seeing 85% in the morning running just the fridge and 1or 2 lights, I work it out that the fridge pulls around 6-8amps and at 50% run time for say 12hrs Is about 45ah plus 3amps for 4hrs is 12ah so call it 60ah out of 360ah capacity (maybe only 315ah usable) so around 1/6th of capacity used overnight which roughly equates to the 85% on the battery monitor the itech batteries seem to suck up the charge really well
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