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  1. Thanks. Will check it out. I’ve also joined the 300 series FB page. Some real life experiences starting flow through there.
  2. Hi Everyone just wondering if anyone is yet towing with their vans with the new 300 series LandCruiser. I’m looking at getting a GX as like the vinyl. Specs all add up on paper too, so no identifiable weight/load issues for our van with ATM 3080 and typical loaded travel weight around 2900kh and ball weight around 280-300 depending on water and gear, and the huge 785kg vehicle payload (versus the standard 200 series at 610kg). Wondering how the 300 series handles when towing. Have towed with upgraded 200 series and tows beautifully. Have watched all the reviews etc I can find and all present fine but you can’t beat hearing of true customers real experiences. regards matt
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