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  1. :thumbsup: Hi Tony H, Yes I have tried all the tyre outlets,but no luck,they all have 14mm but if your KEDRON was built befor August 07 with 5 stud wheels then they are 9/16 studs and all the tyre outlets tell me no one made them that big - they went to 14mm for the 200 LC. Thanks for your reply,will look forward to a cuppa,late June may be a bit early for us,we will be in the Tanami to Halls Creek then head for Litchfield NP mid July.We are a 18'6"XC & White 100 LC. Regards to you and Wendy Look 4 U on the road. Garnet. :shades:
  2. :confused1: Hi All, I have been looking for some lock nuts to put on befor we leave on our trip accross the center but canot find any,,have been to ARB>TJM>REPCO< and most of hte others with no joy. THE 5 STUD WHEELS have large studs and are 33mm long.Rang KEDRON and asked but again no joy. Can anyone come up with a place to try !!!!!. A Bit of Info, Does anyone have leaking oil seals,if so it may help if you take the hubs off and check the axle surface that the seal runs on. I repacked my bearings last week to find that 2 of the 4 surfaces had weld splater on them up to 11/2 mm and thats why the seals were leaking all the time,it had chopped them out. One more thing while I am at it,,,Has any member done the trip Borroloola to Hells Gate > Burketown down the Savannah Way and if so could you let me know how it was. We hope to do it in July ??. Happy safe Vaning to all. Regards , Garnet. 18'6' XC, 100 LC.
  3. Hi King & Deb, We are off end of may via Yowah for a bit of opal diging then Windora, Boulia the Plenty to Alice then Tanami, Buntine, Duncan Hwy's to Litchfield NP We should be on the Stuart Hwy about the first week in July on our way to Litchfield for about 10 days, then back to Mataranka adn out to Roper Bar then down to King Ash Bay, Borroloola then see if we can get down the Savannah Way to Hells Gate, Burketown. Then down the west to Longreach, Carnarvon Gorge then home about the end of August, so we will keep a look out for you. White 100 series LC, 18'6" XC. Regards Safe Triping. Garnet & Joy
  4. Thinking of going around australia ,or part there of May 09 onwards. anyone els thinking of a trip about that time and would like a tag along ?? Garnet. xc 786
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