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Vehicle insurance when doing the block


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Hi fellow Koggers.


I have my 100 series insured with Shannons for agreed value. I am very happy with the policy but the other day I updated some info too them and asked the question about insurance when i start travelling Australia mid 2016 with no fixed address.

They said it will be very doubtful they will insure me when i head off as i need a address that i reside at every 3 to 4 months for a good period of time. 


Just wondering what others do in this situation.

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G`day Awsome

We are insured with Ken Tame through the CMCA. No address needed and very competitive rates. We are on the road full time.

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Another for Ken Tame & Assoc.  You will need to be a member of CMCA or join and insure both the tug and the van with them.  Lots of other benefits as well.  

I also believe that you can have a post office box as your permanent address whilst travelling and have mail forwarded, just check first.

Enjoy your trip.




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Thanks guys and girls for your help regarding my insurance. 

We have been intouch with Ken Tame and we now have the van and tug insured with them. Not only were they very helpful and a pleasure to deal with but saved us many hundreds of dollars in the change over process.

More fuel money in the pocket.

Cheers Steve and Sheridan

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