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Shortbread Biscuits


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500g plain flour

250g ground rice (rice flour)

250g caster sugar

500g butter

½ teaspoon salt


Sift the dry ingredients. Warm the butter slightly but not until oily and rub into dry ingredients. Keep rubbing until it binds (about 10 – 15 mins), then turn it out and kneed it until it is a smooth soft dough. (Kneading will take a very long time. Dough will start out very crumbly but will eventually, with much muscle action, turn into a smooth silky dough). Roll out, cut biscuits, and prick with a fork. Stand for two hours then bake in slow oven (about 150c) or a little more until light brown (about ½ hour). If you cannot get ground rice, use rice flour.

NB: Ground rice can be found in the health section.

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