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  1. That is a great photo of Kimbo. One that reminds me of many great times. He was always one for safety and taught me the right way to use a chainsaw. To this day when I pick up a chainsaw, his words of safety ring in my ears. Thoughts and hugs to Nerida and all his family
  2. Ann and I are both thinking of Kimbo and his family at this difficult time. Our virtual hugs go out to them all. 💕
  3. Merry Christmas to you and Annie also, Tony.......and to all the other Kedron owners. Please stay safe on the roads if you are travelling over the Christmas period.
  4. I could spend time writing all the after sales service I have received from Kedron too, but it would just take too long. I can can sum it up by saying - A Gall Boys' handshake is his word and rock solid. You will not meet a more honorable and honest family. Welcome me to the "Kedron Family".
  5. I can't speak for the McHitch as I have never owned one, although I have heard others speak both good and bad about it. I guess that is the same with every product. Some love it, and others not so much. We have a DO-35 and are very happy with it. We would not hesitate to continue using it on future vans. We have an ATV2 and find it very easy to hitch and unhitch. Later models have a dust cap which would be great if you are doing a lot of dirt roads.
  6. Hi Bob and Janine Firstly I should say that you will thoroughly enjoy the drive through the Kosciusko National Park. It is stunning scenery. We took our 18.5' (internal) Kedron ATV2 down Brown Mountain a couple of years ago. Prior to this descent, we had been down the Clyde Mountain several times and the Macquarie Pass to Kangaroo Valley without any problems. You just don't let the speed build up and lightly touch the brakes to keep it under control..... I would say though that the descent down Brown Mountain was the most hair raising. But let me explain..... We have a Tekonsha Brake Controller that has 3 settings, B1 for soft around town braking, B2 for highway driving and B3 for aggresive downhill braking. Someone in their cleaning frenzy (and I shall not mention names in here) must have pushed the button and it was sitting on B1. Hence our trip down Brown Mountain had my knuckles white and my eyes wide like saucers. Half way down when the brakes started shuddering in the vehicle, I pulled over for a breather and to cross myself and ask God to safely get me the rest of the way to the bottom. One quick check of the brake controller told me what the problem was and after changing it back to B3, the trip to the bottom was a breeze. We we still laugh about this experience and even just the mention of the name Brown Mountain gets my heart rate up. It is several klms of constant downhill. I think there is a sign at the top that tells you exactly how far. But it is no different really than the Clyde. We have found a softer way from Goulburn to Nowra that involves just one, very short hill, and this is the way we cross to the coast now. I wouldnt hesitate to do the Brown Mountain drive again, as I mentioned the countryside is just spectacular (and you can be assured I would double check and triple check the brake controller settings next time). Enjoy the drive !
  7. Hi Chris. I would love to see your travel planning for the Gary Junction, and look forward to catching up with yourself and Val when you get over to the west.
  8. Here's the "How to ......" link. http://www.dreampod.net/boroma/dometic_windows.html When yours are done, you will be an expert, and you can come and do ours !
  9. We have this happen from time to time and have discovered a quick spray of silicone in each corner frees them up nicely. Until the next dusty road of course. The cans with the long nozzle are perfect for getting in the corners where the rollers are. It's a maintenance job we now do every so often to avoid the problem even starting.
  10. That is very sad news indeed Tony. We travelled with Grant and his wife Jane across the Great Central Road 2 years ago, and also met up with them again at King Ash Bay only a month ago. Grant certainly had a zest for life and both Ann and I remember him as a quiet yet cheeky fellow, but always friendly and smiling. My thoughts are with Jane and family at this very sad time. He will be missed by us all.
  11. Here are some pics of a relocated Kedron number plate. Ours has also been modified to comply with the Regulations.
  12. We have been with SOS Mail for about 4 years and although they are generally reliable, we have still had the odd parcel go astray or to the wrong address. No longer with them as we found them quite expensive for our needs. We have a relative handling our odd piece of mail now.
  13. Truckline at Caboolture have large truck mudflaps. We have put 2 cut down black ones on the back of the Cruiser. They are 600 mm wide and about the same long. We cut at least a third of the length off to give us the legal requirement of no less than 100 mm from the ground.
  14. Hi Brian Ken Barratt's business card below -
  15. There is a guy in Brisbane (Southside) who makes these stone guards. Much wider and large mudflaps from the bottom to protect from flicking stones. We are very happy with ours. From memory it was about $450/$500 I have his contact details if you are interested. He also made the checkerplate box for us.
  16. I As with your car when you "fade" the speakers from front to back, it's the same with your van. Look for the "Fade" and adjust the + or - until you can only hear the inside speakers working. Remember to do this each time you turn the radio on as I believe it resets itself to all speakers again when turned off.
  17. Webby


    There is quite a bit of information on this in the Members Forum. You need to be a financial member (stating the obvious) to access this area.
  18. Hi Danny I also downloaded the App. Very useful and well worth the few dollars. We are detouring via Parkes to locate Elvis for a few days before continuing on to Tamworth.
  19. Found this link - http://www.holve.com/brad/tips/country-music.html Might help.
  20. We will be there also. First timers. The only tip we got was to join the local West Leagues Club for around $5 to be able to skip the queues for any entertainment held there.
  21. We investigated doing just that about 6 months ago. Once we priced it all up (incl the brake backing plates) it became very costly. Our van tows very well, and we decided it would have been very expensive "peace of mind".
  22. We did half the Oonadatta and half the Strzelecki last year. One was like a good dirt road and the other was packed with small sharp rocks. No tyre punctures on either, but the stones on the Strzelecki totally shattered the aluminium strips on the rear vehicle mudguards. I was amazed how they quickly became twisted and bent. Even the big trucks were crawling along at 40 kph. Advise to remove any dress hubs on your Kedron (if you have them), because if you don't, you won't have them for long.
  23. Hi Danny I have the Full HD Blackvue WiFi DR500GW and find it very good. The picture quality is what you would expect from a full HD unit and if you have an iPad you can view the images via the App. The unit is quite small and hides behind the rear view mirror so as not to be distracting. It takes an SD card (I upgraded from a 16GB to a 32GB) and once full, it loops back to the beginning. If you do a Google search, you should find some images so you can see what it looks like. I had it installed by Car Sound for around $450
  24. Webby


    If you take the bypass roads and not the Old Telegraph Track, you can take your van as far as Seisa ! (which is only 40 klms from the tip). Enjoy !
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