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  1. Hi Kevin I have a 6 Tonne McHitch on my 19ft 6in Top ender and I think it is the best thing since sliced bread. As my van loaded comes in at 3.6 tonne I have had the van and car up graded. I have air bags and sway bars which I think makes for a more stable ride. If you fit sway bars I suggest you get the ones specially for a McHitch as the universal on the hitch moves the pivot point back and effects the bars when you do a sharp turn with the standard unit. Also when you buy a camera for the back of the van I would suggest you get one with a microphone in it as this allows your par
  2. Hi Leon I have a topender and have travelled since 2005 around Australia I have used three sets of tyres in that time. In my opinion the important thing is to have a light truck tyre with an all terrain pattern with a good flat tread on the road. I travel on the sealed roads with 45psi pressure and on dirt 25psi pressure and never exceed 80k/h on dirt.I have only lost on tyre in 12years and have travelled a lot of dirt. I presently have General Grabber AT2, 265 /75/R16 tyres and have had a good run out of them. Regards Steve
  3. I think you will find the water enters through the door latches. If you put a piece of grey 50mm tape over the latches and see if it leaks then. I modified mine to stop the boot getting wet
  4. Alex The ball weight on your car should be between 9% and 11 % of the total weight of the van when loaded, the factory reading means little. It is your responsibility to balance your van and car so it will tow correctly. In our case our topender weighs in at 3500kg loaded which meant we have around 350kg on the ball. We had to upgrade our car with a lovells GVM and Tow pack to be compliant. Our 200series is now plated with a GCM(gross combined mass) of 7800kg that is a GVM of 3800kg for the car and a tow capacity of 4000kg. The ball height is also important the car and van should be l
  5. I will be in south australia in march and would like to contact Terry Covill could you please send me his contact details. My email address is stephen.sandra@bigpond.com. Regards Steve Gemmell
  6. I am interested to know the outcome of this topic as we are traveling into NSW soon
  7. Ian I am an electrician that has investigated these issues and intend to install Lithium batteries when the agm's I now have reach their use by date. The technicians from Plasmatronics are very helpful you can contact them on phone number 0386690162. I have attached two files that they sent me, have a look but I would suggest that you talk to them as they are the experts. As far as I know the PL60 is Lithium compatable by using the custom setting program which is used purely as a voltage limiting device and does not float until the battery is nearly full. Please let me know how you ge
  8. I need to replace my screens in our TopEnder van. Can anyone advise me as to where I can purchase me screen material please
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