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    Hi all, I have just purchased a new Dometic front loading washing machine (WMD 1050) to replace the one on the van that died. I noticed that the drain hose on the original machine had a larger hose over the top of it. The original hose was pushed all the way into this outer hose almost to the connection point outside under the floor and the 2 pipes were glued/siliconed at the end behind the machine. Anyone have any idea why this was done? I think the drain hose that comes with the new machine might reach all the way to the connection point out side the van, or I might just have to join a short length to make it long enough. Not sure why it was done this way, would make it easier without the outer hose. Does anyone have any experience with this? Kedron are closed until the 19th, but I need to install the machine this week, so cannot ask them for advice. Regards Rob
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    Hi Rob I suggest you call Paul at the Kedron Sales Office and talk to him. The sales office re-opens today. Paul used to work in the production area, so he knows how Kedrons are put together. Cheers Peter
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