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  1. Hi Chris. I’m not sure where to start here. I have frequented Kedron numerous times over the years and have seen a number of vans being built. The vinyl flooring is laid in one piece and bonded to the timber floor underneath. Then the furniture/ cabinets are installed. I would suggest replacing the vinyl flooring would be a major drama. I haven’t heard of anyone doing it. However, like you, I sure would be interested to hear if anyone has. All the best with this project. Cheers from Pete
  2. Thanks for the heads up Webby. The posted photo of Peter with the Australian singer Beccy Cole was taken some years ago. At the time, Peter and Glenys were on a tag-a-long musical tour with Beccy and her Aussie Road Crew. ‘Crossy’ had suffered ill health for the 18 or so years that we knew him, but he was always up for a good chat and a laugh. He was an Aussie larrikin and a good man. Our thoughts are with Glenys and her family during this sad time. Margaret and I will attend his funeral.
  3. Hi Karen. I believe Tolley has sold his van. In June this year, we were talking to the new owners at the free camp just north of Gin Gin. Cheers from Pete.
  4. Hi Chris. That spot you’ve got looks as good as it gets. Cheers from Pete
  5. Hi Ang. We had the same problem about 15 years ago in our first ATV for two. Turned out to be the thermostat. When a new thermostat was installed, it was all good again. Cheers from Pete.
  6. ATV42


    Hi Neil. We have our 2012 ATV and 2017 Landcruiser Sahara insured through Ken Tame and Associates. Have been with them about 12 years. They will do ‘agreed’ value as opposed to ‘market’ value. You have to be a member of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) in order to insure through Ken Tame and Associates. We’ve found them very easy to deal with. We’ve also heard good things about Caravan Insurance Ltd (CIL). As Sandra said, it’s best to shop around. Cheers from Pete.
  7. Hi Tony and Annie. Is that red ute with the camper extension a replacement for your GMC !!!!! Cheers from Pete
  8. Hi Tom and Sue. Welcome to the group, and enjoy your travels. Cheers from Pete.
  9. Hi Tony. Margaret and I can only feel for you both. What a disappointment in not being able to continue your journey,. But on the other hand you’re both safe and well, and that’s a plus these day’s. Cheers from Pete
  10. Hi Tony and Annie. Thanks for the update, we were wandering how you got on with the transmission problem. Guess you’ll have to sit there for a while, or hook the Mitsubishi Mirage up to the Kedron. If you do, post a photo!!!!!! Least your safe and well, and that’s good. Cheers from Pete.
  11. Hi Ken I’ve just Googled the Fiamma Vent 50. There’s a fair bit of information there that might help you. I hope you find the right information there, or try a local caravan repair place. Looking at the above photo and as a quick fix, try and put a piece gaffa tape on the inside or the outside for that matter, and then cover the outside area with a weatherproof sealant, moulding it into the required curvature. It might be a quick fix until you can source a more permanent solution. Cheers from Pete.
  12. Hi Ross and Leah. We had the same problem several years ago with the fridge running constantly. We took it to a bloke in Caboolture (the fridge whisper) who replaced the thermostat, worked perfectly after that. Some years later we replaced the fridge with a Waeco 218. Very happy with it. Cheers from Pete .
  13. Hi Ian and Julie. Welcome to the Group. All the best with your TE5. There’s plenty to see and do in Queensland to keep you busy for a fair while. Cheers from Pete.
  14. Hi Tony and Annie Greetings from Kenilworth. Very lucky you weren’t out in the middle of nowhere. A good result though. Cheers from Pete
  15. Hi Robert and Jane Some nice internal photos and a description of the layout might help you sell this nice tidy unit. All the best for the sale. Cheers from Pete.
  16. Hi Chris. Thinking of Kimbo, and all the good times we had together in the Kedron Owners Group. We remember parking our Kedron overnight at their place and the hospitality they showed us. Cheers from Margaret and Peter.
  17. Hi Tony With the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation and with the changing border restrictions, we certainly agree with Management Committee decision to cancel the AGM and the November gathering. We were to travel to South Australia for a Beccy Cole tour with her Aussie Road Crew, and we have had to cancel that. We live with uncertain times ahead, but “we’ll meet again some sunny day”. Cheers from Pete.
  18. Hi John. As far as layup cover is concerned, I really don’t know. I might look into the situation in the coming weeks. Cheers from Pete.
  19. Margaret and I just want to wish all our KEDRON friends all the best as Australia (and the World), battle the Covid-19 virus. During these uncertain times, we won’t be caravanning anytime soon, we’re just going to stay around home. Might be time to clean out the shed!!!! Wherever you are, look after yourselves, and stay safe and well. Cheers from Pete.
  20. Hi Chris Yes, I am obsessive about looking after our ATV for two. This is our second KEDRON, having done over 250,000 km since 2003. Before we head off on a major trip through a remote area (once a year), we have the suspension serviced. My background of 38 years as an aircraft engineer in the aviation industry, is that ‘near enough is not good enough’. Factory standard or better is what I want to achieve, and I’m prepared to pay for it. In the long term, I believe that preventative maintenance is cheaper in the long run. Imagine the cost of having a serious suspension problem in the middle of nowhere. There is no simple answer to this question. It’s really up to what each KEDRON owner wants. We are all individuals and our needs differ in what we want to achieve. No more comments from me on this subject. It’s a never ending conundrum. Cheers from Pete.
  21. Hi Morribm. There certainly is a disparity in the posted prices for servicing the suspension. It is related to what components need to be replaced, rather that just having the wheel bearing greased and a general inspection. Late 2019 we had the suspension serviced on our ATV for two. Having done the Plenty Highway, the Tanami and the Gibb River Road in 2018, and the Cape in 2019, the suspension really needed a service. In addition to greasing etc, 2 bushes were replaced, all the brake pads, and the magnets, plus a wheel alignment. The cost of the service, including parts, labour etc, was about over $3000. In early 2018 we had the suspension serviced before we did our long trip, only $440 as Havago has stated. As with anything mechanical, servicing costs depend on what needs to be done and the time it takes. Cheers from Pete.
  22. Hi Greg. Welcome to the Group and the retirement world. If you want to travel this wonderful country, you better start soon, there’s just so much to see and do. Safe travels. Cheers from Pete
  23. Thanks for the info Tony. We completed the survey, it’s easy to do. Cheers from Pete
  24. Hi Maddy. I responded in the wrong section, sorry about that. Please visit your for sale post. Cheers from Pete.
  25. No problems Sue. I’ll pop over to the Lawnton Showgrounds when I think Ian is there, and see if he needs anything. The Showgrounds are only about 15 minutes from where we live. Cheers from Pete.
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