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    Some past experience, we had an Avan Cruisliner which had a noisy water pump, which unfortunatly was located under the bed. So if one of us got up first and made a cuppa the other was woken up by the the noise of the pump under the bed. I embarkd on a noise reduction process, having worked on Naval vessels when younger, I tried home made vibration isolation mounts. Followed by foam insulation of the hoses and rubber closed cell foam under all the hose clamps, fiittings and brackets. The outcome was not really worth the effort, it certainly reduced the noise, unfortuantly the pump location was a major part of the problem. The next steps would have been relocation of the pump and possibly a noise insulated box taking care to allow enough air circulation around the pump. The actual siolution was we sold the Avan and got our Kedron, pumps still noisy but not under our bed. Good luck with your pump noise isolation project, I will follow your efforts with interest. Regards Terry
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    Hi Jabob, some specifics about what problems they are having would be of assistance. Bas
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    We drove down Brown Mountain on Saturday - no problems at all. Put the cruiser in first gear and crawled down at about 30-35 kph. Didn't need to use the brakes much, mostly on corners. We couldn't go any faster if we wanted to - the mountain was covered in low cloud and we couldn't see more than 20 metres in front of us. We found a couple of good spots for a free overnight stopover - the first one was at Bredbo where we parked on the side of the road next to the recreation reserve - a nice quiet and flat grassed verge, two blocks from the highway. Just parked on the verge for the night,no traffic at all and no close houses. The second one was at Candelo, about 20km from Merimbula. Dr William Loftus park is opposite the shops. We didn't stop there but there were a number of vans there for the day. Flat, next to the creek, with cafe's across the road. Good comments in Wikicamps.
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