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    Thanks for this advice Tolley. (You all understand this further advice comes from Val...I am a technical twit). Val says he does a full lube and check of all the nuts and bolts in the suspension and adjusts the brakes. Then about every 10,000 kms he does a lube job (greasing things) and again checks tightness in all the bolts. He does regular checks of hoses and connections under and around the van. It is valuable to discuss these issues, especially for newer members and van owners who may not realise what is needed or how often.
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    We had a lovely time up at Aroona. The weather was perfect there (as it usually is at this time of year) and although cool at night we have the diesel heater! Aroona Campground is one of the best in the Flinders. It has water taps at many of the sites and good rainwater tanks if the weather gods have been kind. Maurveen, get in touch before your trip up there and I can share further information if needed.
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