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  1. Have never had a problem with the Gall Boys and Kedron Caravans. They have always been helpful and we purchased our pop top from them when it was 5 years old and was being re-sold due to ill health back in 2005. It has been a great van and we have always been treated as if we have just purchased the latest model. Our van is for sale again as health issues cause us to give our touring holidays away.
  2. Thanks Merv, the family arrived when i was putting it together.
  3. We have owned this Van for 12 years having bought it from Kedron and reluctant to sell. No dust, no leaks, smoke free. Has full hardly used Annexe, 3yr old Aussie Traveller Awning+ shade screen, 90 ltre 12c/240v Waeco fridge, full oven, grill, cook top (gas), Always Towed with Nissan Patrol 3ltr auto Turbo diesel with max tow capacity of 2.5ton so the Van is light weight for a Kedron. Twin beds + lounge which will make bed for younger child, 120kw Solar panel and Dometic Air Con R/cycle in ceiling, microwave, Kogan TV, radio and CD player, portaloo in cupboard under bed. Heaps of cupboard space. 1350kg Tare, 1950kg ATM, RWC and Gas Cert. 2 gas bottles, 2 checker plate toolboxes on rear, pole carriers. No dust, no leaks. Inside pic is with roof down still almost 6ft clearance. fully equipped ready to go. (white marks on divan are sun shining through windows) can contact my mobile 0421 236 141. Caravan is Ipswich Q'ld .
  4. We love Kedron and have been looking to upgrade from our semi off road 17ft 6" Pop Top which is a high pop top (can walk about with top down). We have everything we need except toilet and shower to stay off road independently. Our Nissan Patrol only tows 2.5 ton max so looking about to see what else may be around in a full van up to 19ft. with  twin beds.  We don't do serious off road with the van but sometimes a bit of corrugation and dirt but mostly on the bitumen. 

  5. Sorry about the lead on Kedron Wheel covers. We had asked at the Caravan Show in Brisbane and this week we happened to call at Kedron's Used Van display centre at Kedron, talked to Jan and she said 'not making them at the moment as there's just not enough time for the upholsterer to keep up with them. Maybe later on. Heather
  6. Our Caravan is actually a Pop Top RV manufactured 2001

  7. Heather

    New Mattress

    In our 10 yo Kedron RV we have twin beds with light innerspring mattresses. First holiday around OZ and i hated the bed and thought it caused me hip and leg problems and i couldn't wait to get home but it could have been caused by sitting too long travelling. Cliff reckons that they are the most cofortable mattress he has slept on and we have Wenatex at home. He has shoulder problems and can't wait to get away so he can sleep in the van beds. I bought all kinds of egg shell, high density foam, used the doonah to sleep on until i got a comfy pillow top underlay from pillowtalk which i put on top of the light eggshell. It is really good now but sitting for too long travelling is not good. Such a personal choice isn't it? Heather
  8. Hello Boopstas, I have only joined the owner's group this past week and just noticed your posting regarding weight. It has been a constant concern to us and hope we can help someone from our errors of judgement along the way. We purchased our (17'6 External).semi off road 2001 Kedron pop top RV in Oct.2005 because it was the best pop top we had found (height wise inside)and aluminium frame. It was our first caravan after having a camper trailer. The original owners had toured OZ and it was in VGC. We checked out the the Tare weights etc. as we had just purchased a jeep suitable for towing up to 3 ton (read reviews to support this theory). The tare weight on the van was 1350kg and ATM 1650 kg from the factory. Other items like full annexe and wall AC added later. When we took it for a trip from Ipswich to Rainbow beach, we had to keep stopping to allow the vehicle to cool. We had the van weighed and we realized it was up around the 1800 mark so different vehicle needed. We lost thousands on the lovely jeep, bought our diesel 4cyl Patrol max towing power is still only 2,500kg, had the van weighed, a new compliance plate mod. by Bris. Eng.which now reads 1950kgand tyres upgraded. We also had the wrong towing gear at first so check this out too as it wasn't designed for the heavier load. We have been 7 months around OZ in 2006,Tasmania and Vic 5 months 07-08 and the nissan never missed a beat so we don't want to change vehicles. We are stuck with 2,500kg but also want to upgrade to a full Kedron with an ens. but would be over weight. We have solar and Air con on roof now too. Great that Kedron are still making some light vans. Happy campers when we can get away again. Heather and Cliff
  9. Hi Robert and Jane, have only just joined because i noticed your posting re spare wheel covers for Kedron. Cliff and I were at the Caravan and Camping show last Friday and Cliff asked Barry Gall at Kedron stand about a cover for the wheel. Barry said they do still make them but have to be ordered. We need a new one as it is 10 years old and getting a bit ragged under the spare. Contact them on 07 33503333. The camping show winds up today. You do need to get the correct size and the KEDRON logo looks better on a Kedron van, hey?
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