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  1. Dose anyone know of van storage in the Mornington area for dates 21st -29th December? thanks Ian
  2. we had a tamper proof metal cap fitted when we picked up our van it has been out in weather ever since due to extensive traveling 2.5 years the cap on the tank looks brand new this may be a help in the future
  3. lovegreen


    We had our van serviced today and once again what a fantastic response to our needs and extras. i knew there was a reason we bought a Kedron. Product is exceptional. service is exceptional. What more could you ask for. Thanks Ash and team. Regards Vicki & Ian Lovegreen
  4. Thanks Terry for the quick reply will have to investigate on return home from Singapore Ian
  5. Is there a monitoring system to keep Check of bearing temps I constatly check by hand when we stop so imagine after stopping for smoko all ok but 30 klms later bearing collapse axel stuffed 12 days in Forbes for repairs any ideas apreciated Ian and Vicki
  6. Thanks for the quick response Tony will try that towel option red dust is memory of great trips I would rather look at the pics than the dust
  7. What's the best way to remove Red dust from fly screens any tips will be greatly appreciated
  8. Having read many glowing reports from Kedron owners and hearing horror stories from owners of other manufacturers re service and apparent lack of interest we like to say: 'WHOOOOOOOOOOO'. How good is Tom and his service team? They all went above and beyond with issues we were experiencing but went further than what was required. To the point where Mitch check our stairs to see if there was a problem. And there was. This wasn't on out list of things to check BUT it was done and a JOB WELL DONE. It appears that anyone can sell vans but keeping up the service and warranty is a specialised field which Kedron excels at. To Tom and crew we thankyou greatly. It has been a few months since we were at Brisbane. After travelling rough terrain we again say thankyou guys "Everything is going GREAT. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND ALL AT KEDRON. TO ALL KOG'S MERRY CHRISTMAS, ENJOY ,HAVE FUN AND TRAVEL SAFE. Vicki & Ian L
  9. thanks Sue we received

    our members name tags &


    job well done Ian & Vicki

  10. Thanks for the replies
  11. Back home soon after initial pick up of van To all what do you do with the grey water tank when storing for a while.fill it empty it fill with disinfectant or nappysan or just water?
  12. What a day lots of info and help thanks Lisa for you profesional help keeping us up to date on our van build and pick up day to Graham and Tom good work Brain overload for us but reasurance for us knowing you are only a phone call away and thanks for answering those early phone questions and Emails and Ash for fixing our kitchen light you could not buy a Kedron with out the help of Jan in sales thank you one and all. Dave the air bags worked a treat on the Prado Regards Ian Lovegreen OAM and Vicki Lovegreen OAM
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