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  1. Let me start by wishing you all a merry Christmas Rommy and I have taken the plunge and bought the XC5 which we take delivery of in Jan 2019 - so not long to pick up date now We're both new to the caravaning scene, although we did hire one back when the kids were kids and spent a great time in the snowfields in Vic. Were based in Adelaide, so it'll be a direct route up to Kedron and then a leisurely drive back home via the eastern seaboard - first stop Byron Bay. That's as far as I've got but thinking to go via Canberra and then through the Vic high country. The next trip will be in June /july probably up through Alice to NT Savannah way is on the list, also the Creb track - up in the Daintrees (minus the van). There's so many great places Anyway I hope we meet at some point in time Cheers
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