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  1. Thanks Tony all very good points. Noted. Greatly appreciated. 👍
  2. Thank you for your reply Bas. Good suggestions!
  3. Hi everyone. We are looking forward to collecting our new XC5 in a few months time and considering what mods we might undertake on our 2019 LC200 VX. She already has the maximum Lovells towing and vehicle carrying upgrades (very happy) , ECB Bullbar, and large capacity electric winch. We also have a aftermarket tyre pressure monitoring system which works great (set up for vehicle and van) Now considering a few other mods, firstly to provide a safer, trouble free and more economical tow for the Caravan and to also look after the Cruiser. So, would appreciate views on following mods, which we are keen to make 1. Snorkel. We are thinking Armax 2. Exhaust upgrade. Thinking Torqit 3. fuel filter / water seperation And also these, which are maybe. 'nice to have" 4. Intercooler upgrade.? 5. Torque converter? 6. Remapping? (Safari system looks good) Keen to hear about other Cruiser mod ideas too of course. Thanks in advance Phil and Katrina
  4. Exciting! We still have a long wait ahead, but enjoying hearing about others adventures.
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