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  1. Hi Collin and Gayleen, I am supprised the Toyota dealer said this was an uncommon repair. I also have a LC100 and had the same problem,although I managed to distroy the CV shaft $1700 later all is well. I had my front wheel bearings servised by a national repair service who it seems reused the old cerclip,this is a no no. For the sake of a $5 part so much damage. You may recall The Gall Boys had the same trouble with there LC100 in there DVD Takeling The Top End. If ever you have any work done on your front wheel bearings make sure they replace the circlips with NEW GENUINE TOYOTA CIRCLIPS. I now keep 2 spare circlips in my toolbox, incase I need to service my bearings on the road Cheers Paul
  2. Hi Phil and Darlene We had a L Shape Dinette, as we live in our van and have done so for the last 3 years, we found that while watching TV only one of us could get comfortable eg. back rest and feet up, while the other was perched on the end of the L shape. So it was a fight for position when it came to TV time. So I ripped out the L Shape and installed a cafe dinette, that was 2 years ago and we are very happy with it, no more fights. :biggrin: And also I can look directly at my beautiful wife as I eat my dinner. :laugh: Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Lea & Rick, I have just been through the many magical formulas for cleaning the drawbar & chassis, mainly to get rid of the etched in red dirt. Our van is now at the kedron factory having a total reclad, a facelift, so I wanted to make the drawbar & chssis look good. I tried CT18 truckwash ,washing powder, someone even sugested napisan all did not work to the standard I was looking for . Seeing me frustrated with the whole cleaning the drawbar thing, my good wife Cheryl sugested I try some Jif :laugh: That is not going to work I said, and she said give it a go anyway. To my supprise,with a bit of elbow grease and a good stiff scrubbing brush it came up like new :thumbsup: . I hope this helps. Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Alex & Fiona We are sorry to hear about your unfortunate abuse from those other caravaners. Paul & I would just like to say what a wonderful time we had, when we and another Kedron owner stayed at Banka Banka just 2 weeks ago. I don't know if you remember us but we did have a really good time and would thoroughly recommend staying at Banka Banka to any caravaners we meet and thank you for your hospitality and the great show you put on for us that evening. Regards Paul & Cheryl
  5. Hi Godon & Chris We went from Broken Hill to Tibooburra along the Silver City Highway and then west to Cameron Corner. These dirt roads weren't too bad at all. The rollercoaster ride we referred to would have been the dunes near Cameron Corner. These weren't too bad towing the van. You do own a Kedron not a Bushtracker :laugh: , so you shouldn't have any problems. No seriously steady as you go, drive to the conditions. You did mention Lake Eyre well from Lyndhurst we went north to Marree then took the Oodnadatta Track up to William Creek and then west to Coober Pedy, I don't know whether you are going this way but there is a good camp spot just north of Lyndhurst called Farina Ruins camp ground, we found this very interesting exploring the ruins and nice grassy campspots for $10 a night. The Oodnadatta Track was better than the Bruce Highway, a good dirt road. Cheers Paul & Cheryl
  6. Hi David & Jane We will have a look at what off road pics we have and will post them soon. Cheers Paul & Cheryl
  7. Hi Gordon & Chris We did the track from Cameron Corner to Merty Merty, this part was like a rollercoaster up and down, just had to be cautious of large bull dust holes over some crests which popped up without warning. From Merty Merty we took the Old Strzelecki Track until it meets the New Strzelecki and then up to Innamincka. It was very pleasant camping in the town common right on the banks of Cooper Creek. A donation of $5 a night was requested to stay, the only facilities were long drop toilets. But outside the pub and store there are showers & toilets if needed. From there we went out to the Burke & Wills Dig Tree which is on Nappa Merrie Station and is $11 a night to stay again very nice on Cooper Creek, no facilities. If you wish you can visit Burkes Grave and also Wills Grave. We then took the New Strzelecki Track from Innamincka to Lyndhurst, there is not much to see, just wide open spaces, we drove past the Moomba Gas & Oil Field. About half way along the track is the Montecolina Bore, you can camp there and there were lots of Corella's and you can have a dip in the bore, we didn't stay. The New Strzelecki Track isn't a bad road, its nice and wide but has a few bull dust holes to be careful of and the Old Strzelecki Track is a far better road even though it says it is a 4wd track. Hope this info is helpful with your travels Cheers Paul & Cheryl
  8. Hi Gordon&Chris, We did the Strzelecki, from Cameron Corner to Innaminca to Lyndhurst, about three weeks ago. We ran our tyres on car&caravan @30psi, and had no problems
  9. Hi Rodger We have had the exact same gissmo in our van for 2 years now ,and we purchased it from bunnings at Carseldine in Brisbane. Regards Paul&Cheryl Grace :thumbsup:
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