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  1. :-) This'll be interesting. Stay tuned.
  2. The wife and I set out when we were 40. Just got back this year 6 years later. Found it too easy to get work out there. Not so easy back here in BNE :-(
  3. Thanks for the replys guys, We have done a little bit more research and have indeed found out you can buy the blade only, better than buying the whole assy @ $550. The blaxe is A$127 I think. Tom has helped us out and ordered one for us. We are on the road full time so these things happen I guess. All taped up and zip done up Tony H so out of sight out of mind!! :-) Thanks for the instructions nev&penny they will come in handy when getting the new one. Agin, thankyou. Pete and Tracey
  4. HI guys and Gals, We are headding over to broome at the moment and camped around Halls Creek. Last night I decided to lubricate the front stone cover zip with a teflon spray and noticed that the front window was smashed in the bottom right corner with cracks radiating up and to the side. We dont use this window so who knows when it happened. Has anyone experienced this before? What did you do to prevent the same thing happening?? I was thinking high density foam behind the stone cover. Can you buy the replacement glass or do you have to purchase the whole assembly?? And info much appreciated. Regards, Pete
  5. Happy New Year Everyone!! Well.......the problem seemed to be with the thermocouple. Recieved the new one from Sovereign who were very helpfull. $60 solved the problem. Cheap fix this time!! :-)
  6. Hey everyone, We have had a couple of good years out of the sovereign BBQ, but of late the flame seems to go out a few times before staying alight, sometimes not! It takes a few relighting efforts for the thing to stay alight, gas bottles are full, no problems in the van with the stove and the water system works fine. I don't think it is the gas system as such. I have checked the pyro sensor that runs the auto shutoff and it is positioned correctly according to the sovereign website. Can these fail or become worn out???? Anyone had any similar experiences and can offer a solution??? Thanks guys and gals....... Pete and Tracey.
  7. Hi Everyone, Just thought I'd share my recent experience with the service department at Kedron. 18 months ago we had a few problems appear with the Top Ender. These included a leaking roof, battery charger failing and a couple of problems with the window screens. I had fixed the leaking roof but and as we stopped in Broome last year to do a bit of work we decided to address the other defects. We contacted Tom in the service department and he promptly sent out the new screens and Kedron helped pay for the new battery charger. We were told to come and see him when back in Brisbane. 18 months have passed and we went to talk to Tom about the defects with the van, we left the van with Tom and he had it all fixed and serviced for us. The service was exceptional. It’s worth a note that most of the work was done out of warranty as the van is 3 years old. Now..... we have done a lot of travelling in the last 2 and a bit years and have heard from Kedroners and Non Kedroners about the level of service that you can expect from Tom and the boys, and all I can say from my experience is that it was perfect. Tracey and I could not of expected any better. Thanks Tom and the Gall Boys. Now to get off the east coast as it is raining and cold. Certainly a bit of a change from Broome and the Gulf Country we were just in. Loved it up there!!
  8. We are at Booraloola at the moment. We are going out to King Ash Bay today for a few days then back to Booraloola and off East on the Savana Way. We will let you know of the road conditions and tyre pressures we use.
  9. Hey......In Broome at the moment working in a Diamond Mine. Headding back over the Brisvegas at the end of April to catch up with family and friends then it's off south.

  10. Hi Everyone, We have just purchased a 200 series and are getting the suspension sorted. We are fitting OME and wish to know what springs others have fitted for thier towing setups. We have a Topender that would weigh every bit of the 3.5t with about 320kg on the ball. WDH used of course. We are going to be fitting airbags at the same time so that will help, but at this stage the front of the car with a steel TJM bar will be getting OME-2701 springs and the rear, with draws, will be getting OME-2723 springs fitted. Does this compare with what others have done? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. This all sounds interesting. My only question would be if they will cover contaminated fuel damaging your engine in the tug. We have just purchased a new 200 and do alot of outback travel. AAMI, our current car insurer, does. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Hey all, With the delivery of the 200 in April I am organizing the fitting of all the gear, most of which I have sorted. The only thing I cannot seem to make a concise decision on is the fridge slide setup. I have a 40l engel and in the past with my patrols and 76 cruiser have opted for the black widdow draws with the slide on top. Worked well because these vehicles had barn doors. The 200 will be the first vehicle I have owned with the rear tailgate the way it opens. I will be sticking with the black windows draws. I have been looking at the platinum drop down slides and the standard slide on top of the draws. My question is when the standard BW slide is used and out, can you lift the lid of the fridge properly to access without fowling the upper part of the rear door? Obviously the drip down slide alleviates this problem, but I see them as bulky and intricate. If you wish to remove the fridge you are left with the slide bolted on the draws. What are some people's opinions that have both systems? I would appreciate them, thanks. _________________
  13. Hi there everyone, My question is a technical one. We have a van with 4 135w solar panels and 3 120ah batteries. By mid morning to lunchtime the batteries are fully charged and want to use the extra power going to waste to charge the deep cycle second battery in the vehicle when we are free camping. The Engel runs in the car and it would be nice to charge the car so we can leave the Engel on. My question is how do I do this? Do I just run additional cable and second anderson plug to the second battery? I have 13 v on the caravan side of the Andersen plug during the daylight. No voltage on the car side of the Anderson plug, there is a relay isolating the battery from the plug on the car and is activated with ignition on. Any help and advice on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Hi guys and gals, Great thread eh? So.........I have been watching the SOC like a good little boy and have been observing that the SOC has increased to 130%. This is of corse due to the fact that the inverter is not connected to the PLM via a shunt and it does not know of the current draw of the inverter when we use it. Question is, how do I install a shunt into the system and is it a do I yourself type job? I have a technical background. is it a hard job? Advice would be appreciated from the learned. Cheers, Pete
  15. Good evening all, Went to grease the bearings today and discovered that one of the studs on one of the hubs was spinning. I was unable to separate the wheel from the hub of course. Has anyone had one of these repaired? Hope I can. On the same topic, what is the best way to remove the seal from the back of the hub? Destroy it? Or can they be removed without damaging it? And how? Seems pretty tight. Thanks guys and gals, oh........Happy Easter
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