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Problem with TV Reception

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:confused1: Hi all.

Have a problem with our TEAC TV that came with our Kedron. We are at the moment in Kalgoorlie and have for many weeks only been able to get reception before 10am and after about 3:30pm.??? No other campers with or without Wineguard antennaes have had this problem. Now, we have no service/signal at all??

I have checked the wiring up on the roof at the Wineguard and all seems in order. The TV also runs DVD’s and works ok. I have set the TV many times to reinstall channels and have also reset it back to factory defaults. I am at a loss as to why reception is not found. Has anyone had this type of issue? It would be nice to find the remedy.

Yep I have to admit I do like to watch the TV sometimes.

But now it's back to the radio to hear the latest.

Cheers Reg

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Hi Reg,

You say you have had this problem for several weeks now....have you been 'parked up' in Kalgoorlie all that time? Are you receiving/getting interference from another source....with the times you mention possibly School of the air.... just throwing my two bobs worth in

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:shades: Thanks for the response. We decided to set up the sat-dish and it works. So, I then thought to run the same coax cable direct to the wineguard and then to the tv. Doing this eliminated the installed existing cable. We have got full signal back. So local interference seems not to be the issue.

I then carefully rechecked the cable from the wine guard to the roof entry point. I found beside the obvious effects of heat (cracking) on the cable very small splits in a number of spots some deep enough to be exposing the inner foil and fine wire both at the roof level and up near the head. Possible the result of weathering and or our loveable galahs etc.

Remedy. I will replace the damaged section and cover the new cable with an extra protective cover.( the split flexible black covering that auto electricians use on wiring for driving lights etc.)

Why we had signal at a certain time of the day could have been weather and signal strength related??and eventually the weak points gave way and no signal??

Anyway it seems the problem is sorted. I recommend for any Kedronners interested to cover their exposed TV cable to help prevent the issues I have mentioned.

Thanks Reg

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Hi all,

The following link(s) may be of interest to many of you. As TV moves to the digital platform many more remote areas that currently have analogue will not be upgraded to digital. Rather those impacted will be able to get TV with VAST.

There is an option for a 6 month Travellers access which can be continuously renewed.


Check the flat sat dish out can even be left operational when travelling to record your favourite show :thumbsup:


Cheers, happy travels.


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