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Gary and Kaye

Water Pumps

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Hi Folks & Merry Xmas to All, biggrin.gif

The vans main water pump has presented me with a problem. "Adjustment" .

I'm referring to the central adjustment screw on the front of the water pump.

Firstly, the secondary pump, that used for the filtered water at the main sink, is fine.

This I reset using the adjustment screw. It's a bit noisy but aren't they all.

The length of run time after you turn the facet off is quick to shut off, with no cavitation or tick tick sound at the end.

The same cannot be said for the main water pump. I have spent considerable time going from fully open to fully closed with the adjustment screw.

I have bled the water tanks and lines of air.

I have all tanks shut off at the filler point.

I only operate from one water tank at a time.

Currently, the main pump is very slow to shut down, it has cavitation, it has an audible tick tick sound at the end of it run. And is very noisy, noisier than it's counterpart.

Be it using the kitchen sink, shower, bathroom vanity, or flushing the toilet........ the above problem statement presents itself.

When we first bought the van all the pumps required an adjustment. After that initial adjustment the problems was not present.

Since having a few trips away and giving the van a good work out on it's 'shake down trials' I can no longer reach that happy medium with the main water pumps adjustment.

Who else has this problem and what did you do to rectify it. I may need a replacement from Kedron being the last resort.

Appreciate your feed back cool.gif

Safe travels

Gary & Kaye

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Hi Gary & Kaye,

I had a similar issue recently when I had an extra tank fitted by another supplier. I eventually found they had fitted one of the press together fittings between the tank & the pump. These fitting are great for pressured lines but when suction is present they can suck air in, causing cavitation of the pump. I would suggest you check what fittings are in place between tank & pump and replace with hose clamps if necessary or look for an air leak in your joins. I hope this helps resolve the problem for you. ;)


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