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A Tip For 100 Series Landcruiser Owners

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A tip for 100 Series LandCruiser owners

While cruising at around 95 - 100kph down the Stuart highway with our TopEnder behind us recently, for no apparent reason the engine died and we rolled to a stop a couple of metres off the bitumen 147k’s north of Tennant Creek. The vehicle had plenty of fuel and battery when the ignition was switched on but we couldn’t get a single sound out of the engine – dead as a doornail!

We imagined something seriously electronic had failed and subsequently moved into “recovery” mode.

Using the HF radio we called the VKS-737 4WD radio network operator in Alice Springs and he immediately went into action by giving us 100% airwave priority and compassionate verbal support as he collected all of our details. He then phoned the RACV in Melbourne who in turn contacted the local agent in Tennant Creek. VKS-737, by a return call on the HF advised us some 10 minutes later that help was coming and would arrive within the next 2 hours or thereabouts.

We set up our camp chairs in the shade of the van and Christine read her book and I put my feet up and enjoyed a light ale while watching the “passing parade”, none of which stopped or even slowed down but then I expect we probably appeared quite “cool, calm and collected”. Just 90 minutes later our recovery truck arrived.

After a couple of questions the Tennant Creek AANT driver said he thought he knew what the problem was due to experiencing similar symptoms a few times before with 100 series LandCruisers and checked the fuse box under the bonnet finding a blown 15 amp blade fuse (AM1). We replaced the fuse and all was OK. He followed us into Tennant Creek to ensure the cause of the problem didn’t activate again.

The following morning the Toyota dealer service people at Tennant Creek quickly repaired the source of the problem with insulation tape and cable ties.

They said (the service people) that the ignition wiring loom drops down and rubs on the foot brake assembly eventually wearing through and shorting out the engine’s primary lifeline. The first time they were confronted with this problem the vehicle came in on the back of a recovery truck “from nearly a 1,000 k’s away”. They replaced 8 fuses before finding the source of the problem and it has now happened quite a few times since.

The support provided by our VKS-737 Alice Springs radio operator, the RACV in Melbourne and the people at Tennant Creek was nothing short of sensational and we are very much indebted to them.

Hopefully this information may save someone some serious grief in the future should they experience the same symptoms.

Roger & Christine Morgan (MADOG)

100 Series TD + 17’6” TopEnder #751

VKS-737: Victor 7570

Bacchus Marsh VIC.

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Thanks for the tip Roger, I'll check mine out now to make sure it doesn't happen to us. :)


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Thanks for the jem of a tip Roger and Christine.

Will be checking it out ASAP.

And your utilization of the HF has convinced me and maybe even the missus (grin) of the value. We have been kicking it around since Casino whether or not to get one.

Regards and thanks.

Rod and Mavis.

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Hi Rod and Mavis

If considering a HF radio before doing any deals contact me and I can put you in contact with someone from the HF radio club who could probably do you a better deal than a agent.As you mention Casino I think you may have allready met my contacts there??

There are others within this group who have done such and probably they may come in and comment re this

I can highly recommend HF Radio's but it does depend on the user being willing to play and get use to the operation of the item

If you require further Info just contact via P/message and i will answer the questions for you

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Thanks for this story on harness failure on the 100 Series L'Cruiser, most interesting, I will be checking mine and passing on the info to a couple of other non KOG L'Cruiser owners.

Grahame Roberts

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