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  1. From Mick , Kimbo's best mate who was having trouble posting to this site.
  2. Sadly Kimbo lost the good fight last night and passed away. He will not be forgotten as we shared so many good times not just as mates but being a part of KOG. Thoughts and hugs go to Nerida, their children and grand children. Darryl
  3. In my opinion the XC3 are plenty strong enough to easily do the gibb, Tanami, Plenty Hwy etc and are a lot lighter than a Topender so that is the way i would go. Cheers Darryl
  4. I've been using Probar at Caboolture for some bits as they are a lot closer than Camec but surprisingly Camec is cheaper for your Anode - who would have thought that Camec would be cheaper than anyone else !!! />http://www.probar.net.au/shop/index.php?main_page=index Cheers Darryl
  5. True with the asking prices but most sellers seem to have unrealistic views of what their Cruisers are actually worth - keep an eye on those vehicles and they will probably still be for sale in 6 weeks time so then you offer a realistic price. Take a 76 for a drive - I did and was underwhelmed with the supposed grunt and they are truck like (no surprise). It was a new one though and driven around town. Prob be OK as a highway tourer. If you are only going to tow around 2.3 tonne look at NT/ NW Pajero or Prado and add a chip and exhaust to either and they should do the job fine. Cheers Darryl
  6. Makes sense to go up a level as most people end up upgrading their vans to heavier ones. For the same price as a new 76 series you could get a 2nd hand 200 series which has heaps more grunt due to 2nd turbo, auto and a lot nicer vehicle. cheers Darryl
  7. The 5 door Prado is rated at 2.5 tonne whereas the 3 door is 3 tonne. It would be legal IF the actual van weights are the same as what's plated - depends if any extras etc have been added over the years. However be wary of the injector seal issue of the Prados where the seals leak causing carbon to block the oil pump inlet - could cost you a engine rebuild if it goes unchecked. Toyota in Britian are calling a recall, Toyota NZ now recomend changing injector seals at 45 000km and Toyota Australia are keeping it quiet. Also the latest Prado still has the OLD engine from the previous Prado so is down a fair bit on power and torque compared to a Pajero. Fit a engine chip and exhaust and that should bring it up to acceptable levels. Cheers Darryl
  8. dazmit

    Head units

    Hi Tony What about the Polaris next generation ones that also have Camps Aust 6 on them ?? I haven't tried one so can't comment if they are any good. Cheers Darryl
  9. Probably a bit late now but that was one of the reasons I went for a frint door layout as I always figured a door behind the wheels would let dust in. Doesn't help that no one makes proper offroad parts to go with the vans such as doors, hatches, windows etc etc. Cheers Darryl
  10. "I have since learnt that Bustracker do not use LED stop/tail, indicator lamps. They have stuck to the less expensive but tried and true standards. Any comments?" From my observations Bushtracker do not like change and use the excuse of proving it first - eg Dometic windows, new hitches, LED lights, decent external awning light etc etc - all stuff that Kedron and some other manufactures used first and a few months later BT carping on about using a new product as a industry first blah blah blah. :laugh: Cheers Darryl
  11. I'd do a trial tow first with just sitting the batteries under the bed but moving batteries can become a expensive job with all the wiring changes etc. What else can be removed from the front eg jerry can holder, outboard motoe, moving a water tank to the back etc as I assume you are trying to get the ball weight below 350kg. Cheers Darryl
  12. My understanding with the McHitch is that it's not really suitable with weight distribution hitches due to the pivot point location. We had a Hyland and had no problems with it in 5 years although the van was below 3 tonne. Cheers Darryl
  13. Hi Mark Yep sadly the van was sold, son & I are into dirt bikes and camping plus we are doing reno's on a early 70's home ready to move into it shortly at Redcliffe. Next few years we are planning trips to the simpson Desert, Cape York & Vic high country so van not required. Cheers Darryl
  14. Hi Mark, Deb & Kids Wondered what you had been up to, sounds lovely and hope you enjoy Tassie. Cheers Darryl
  15. Hi It would be beneficial to know what load rating the springs are and the actual weight of your van. Some off road camper trailer manufacturers have no idea as they fit up 1200kg springs for one that's plated max 750kg and the owners wonder why it bounces around :confused: Cheers Darryl
  16. I agree with Webby in that it's another very enjoyable show. The picture quality looks like it's stepped up another notch (well it was impressive on the big screen) and some classic one liners from the guys. I saw young Mitchell Gall driving one of the Cruisers on the Canning and I'm guessing he is still on his Learners permit - how's that for driving experience when he gets asked at a driving test :biggrin: Big question is where to next since they have done most of Northern Australia and there are no Barra across the Simo or Vic High Country :confused: Cheers Darryl
  17. I'm glad Greg got his van recertified OK. Hopefully when he returns he will be able to post the Certifying engineers contact details as I'm sure a few owners and viewers with other brands of vans would like to have theirs upgraded as well :thumbsup: Cheers Darryl
  18. Hi All I have a Tom Tom GPS for sale - please view at the classifieds section. Cheers Darryl
  19. Hi Chris & Lynn Congrats on the new baby when it arrives. I'm sure the 100 series will be up to task of towing although it won't have the grunt of a 200 for overtaking those slower vans !! With regards to carry spec of vehicle that's another question and difficult to keep within. From memory the TD 100 GXL has a carrying capacity of approx 650 - 700kg which has to include things such as: Diesel - 140kg van ball weight say 320kg bullbar 50kg towbar 20kg 2 people 160kg boat 100kg roofrack say 20kg all that = 810kg :confused1: Most people also have cargo drawers say 50kg fridge - 40kg loaded tools , compressor, spares 40kg. We won't even look at water tanks and other goodies you can add - I must admit, I think what a joke when I see the ads for ARB or Kaymar Cruisers with steel front & back bars, roofracks, long range tanks , drawers and a fridge -add 2 people without any camping gear or other luggage and they would probably be illegal. Having said that - there are plenty of loaded 4WD's and cars towing or on camping trips that would be well over GVM so it's not an uncommon thing. Cheers Darryl
  20. dazmit

    Dust in van

    Try driving faster and it might blow off David :laugh: Cheers Darryl
  21. dazmit

    Dust in van

    A bit late after all the other replies but we owned a 2004 XC and in 2007 traveled on the Tanami (900 odd km of dirt) and the plenty highway and had no dust problems. Our 4 seasons hatch was at the rear of the van - seems to be the front ones have more problems - I believe even with the 4 seasons closed they allow a small percentage of ventilation as stated in a brochure I once read - I took this as a better way of saying the things are thin rubbish and don't seal !!. The only other thing I did was have a small piece of foam between the camec doors where the gas vent is. Ours was also a front door model and I suspect the rear door vans may leak more due to the dust from the van wheels and the fact the camec doors once again have rubbish seals. In my opinion Camec stuff is overpriced and made for bitumen tourers where there is no dust. A big thumbs up from me for the Kedron van :thumbsup: Cheers Darryl
  22. It's now sold - that was certainly a quick sale :biggrin: Cheers Darryl
  23. Hi All If anyone is interested in a cargo liner for a 100 series Cruiser then please view the details in the classified section. Cheers Darryl
  24. Hi All I'm actually surprised the 76 tows so well since it has such a short wheelbase, my understanding was the longer the wheelbase the better for stability and the 76's is shorter than the 100 - maybe that theory has been debunked. I know when we changed from our Prado to the 100 series I was amazed at how little I realised the van was pushing the Prado around. Pity Toyota didn't keep the 100 series and put the V8 diesel in it rather than bring out the 76 in my opinion. Cheers Darryl
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