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We finally did it!

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Well, we finally ordered a 21' TE.

We went to the Brissy caravan show last weekend and met Dave and Stan for the first time, and caught up with Jan again and sat down with her and put down a deposit.

We had a great time at the show, it was very busy over the weekend, we attended both Saturday and Sunday, and we had a good look around at all the off-road vans on display.

By midday Sunday we just couldn't go past the Kedron TE and signed-up.

The plan is to meet up with Stan at the factory about March/April next year to go over exactly what we want. We still haven't decided whether to go the combined or separate shower/toilet, we are leaning towards the combined ensuite so that we have more room in the living area. We have a few months to decide!!

Both of us are very excited and looking forward to July next year when we pick up our new baby.

Rob and Doris


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Hi Rob & Doris

Good on you !!

Great van worth the wait..

We had a combined toilet shower in another van and did not like it !!!!. We found if you went into the loo after a shower you would get wet feet !!!. Did not like wiping down wet area.

We are in Brisbane to see Stan on Monday to pick colours and so forth, Exciting times

Good luck to you

Phil & Darlene

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