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Roll up flat water hose


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G'day Reece

We have used 2 types of Flat Out hoses. One from Flat Out Hoses & another from the 12V shop in Perth.

the one from the 12V Shop kept bubbling due to the water pressure & 12V Shop advised to turn the water off at night! Unfortunately I thought to turn it off at night was too much to ask!

The other from Flat Out Hoses is just great. It comes with a reel to roll it up with (the 12V Shop one didn't)

We also use Flat Out Hose sullage hose, & this is a real treat.

Hope this helps.



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Hi Reece, I had the Flatout water hose and sullage hoses. The water hose connection to the tap leaked and I got it repaired under warranty - a 'bad batch' they said and it was some time ago. The roll up reel appealed to me for storage issues as well.

The disadvantage of the flat water hose, IMHO, is it must be laid 'flat' for its length to ensure nothing prevents water from going right through the length of the hose. For example, with an ordinary plastic hose it may stay partially coiled out of the way if your van is close to the mains water tap. With the 'flat' hose you have to lay out its full length around the van. Hope this makes sense.

I have now reverted to a food grade water hose and ordinary sullage hose. The water hose is coiled up and a Velcro strip keeps it together. The sullage hose slips up inside a gap going the length of the chassis rail at the rear of the van.


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G`Day Reece

I had the flat hoses some time back and ended up chucking them in the bin ,for the same reasons that Anne has given.I now use food grade hose and sull age hose.They seemed like a good idea at first. :rolleyes:



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