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Cooper Tyres


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Our tug is a F250 and is now on its second set of Cooper Tyres, the first set travelled on many dirt roads including the Gibb River Road and did approx 90,000 km.

The new set had only done approx 10,000 km when the back drivers side back tyre developed a split close to the inside rim. We travelled about 300 km when the tyre decided to blow out. This happened very late at night.

We rang Coopers direct and they told us to take it to there agents, which happened to be in Gympie and they were very helpful and sent the tyre to Coopers and within a few days Coopers Tyres replaced the tyre. Usually tyre company's blame the customer as we have found in the past.

After this experience we will now be replacing all our vehicles with coopers Tyres when needed.

A great win for a change.

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Bad luck & good luck in the same breath.....if a tyre is going to blow it will be always at the most inopportune time..... was it raining when the tyre blew???

Great news that the tyre was replaced that should give you extra confidence in your choice of tyre...a pat on the back for the Coopers distributor :D

I still love my Toyo's though!

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G`Day Tony

Have you put Toyos on your van or just the tug? I still have the original Goodyears on the van but they are 6+ yrs. old.Looking to replace them because of age even though the tread is not to bad. What sort of mileage have you got out of the Toyos?



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Hi Tony

It wasn't raining thank goodness.

The day before we had the cattle trailer on loaded with cattle. The next night we were helping others and had it loaded with household gear when the tyre blew.

Can't wait to have the caravan back on.

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Hi Rick,

I have Toyo Open Country A/T's (OPAT's) on the 200 series very happy (wear, lack of noise and grip on & off road & in the wet) with them currently have approx 60,000k should get close to 90,000k out of them. I rotate them every 5,000 k.

On the van I have Maxxis 751's which are wearing well and in my mind been a good choice.

Do a search in the members section on tyres & have a look at my post there see why I went with Maxxis on the van.

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Thanks for the info Tony. Which tyre dealer sells the Maxxis 751`s?

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