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electric brake control


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Have had the same Tekonsha Prodigy in 3 different vehicles over a 10 year span and couldn't be happier.


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Hi Gavin

We had the Tekonsha Prodigy in use for 8 years without fault. We changed to the Tekonsha P3, 4 years ago only because the old Prodigy was not compatible with our Electric over hydraulic disc's on the new van and love it as well. The newer Prodigy's are now compatible with the Elec/hyd brakes.

The P3 also has in build diagnostic's see http://www.tekonsha.com/products/brake-controllers/proportional-controllers/p3-/TzaIxkVx1cI5XOy!osRB55TR19SXShj4

I have had no experience with the Hayman Reese units.

Good luck mate and cheers from the Kyd's.

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I have used a Tekonsha and the older Redarc Tow pro and both worked well the best advantage of the the Redarc was that it could be put out of way with only the indicator and control visible and no knee knocking like my old Tekonsha. I have replaced my older Tow Pro with the latest model (with in built accelerometer), but have not used it to tow anything yet as we sold our old van and are waiting for delivery of our new Kedron.

I do notice that Kedron now offer it as an option when buying a new van, so this does tell me that at least Kedron like the new Tow Pro.


Note, It is at the very bottom of the web page.

Good luck Regards


PS Don't forget the Tow Pro is Australian Made with good local technical support, of which I have asked some technical questions and got good sensible answers.

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G`Day Gavin

We have had a Tekonsha in the 100 series for nearly 10 yrs now. It has not missed a beat.

Very happy with it.



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