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Mail Forwarding


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Doing the final preparations for our big lap :) and would like your recommendations for a mail forwarding company.

My research has come up with SOS Mail, Aussie Mailman, Past The Post & PostMail Redirect and at this point I’m leaning toward SOS Mail.

Any comments or other suggestions would be most welcome.


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G`Day Geoff

We have been with SOS mail for about 5yrs. now and can highly recommend them. Just mention our name and they will report you to ASIO LOL.

Seriously their service has been excellent.


Rick & Lea

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We have been with SOS Mail for about 4 years and although they are generally reliable, we have still had the odd parcel go astray or to the wrong address.

No longer with them as we found them quite expensive for our needs. We have a relative handling our odd piece of mail now.

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Another vote for SOS mail. We have been with them for 4 years now and they have been very helpful and contactable

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We have found a small privately owned postoffice in our suburb and asked if we took a post box and left them a pack of 500 grm and 3 kg satchels , would they be able to forward our mail on to us when we ring them, explaining to them that we are constantly travelling.

Once a month we ring and ask that they forward it to where ever we will be. Haven't had a problem in 3 years.

Normally buy them a present of chocolates for the smoko room when we are in town.

Most mail these days is handled on the net so the amount of mail forwarded is pretty small.

Den and Col

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